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Christoph Waltz Performs Creepy Version Of Sesame Street Theme Song [Video]

Christoph Waltz

Actor Christoph Waltz has a very “unique” way of looking at the hit television show Sesame Street, and he discussed his own perspective during a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The 58-year-old actor spoke openly with Jimmy Kimmel about his longtime appreciation for the long-running hit children’s television series. Christoph Waltz stated that Sesame… Read more »

Can Anything Stop ‘The Walking Dead’?

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead features a ragtag group of everyday nobodies struggling for survival against a seemingly unstoppable zombie hoard. Now, in its fifth season, the AMC juggernaut is the unstoppable force, and the rest of the networks are the ones struggling to fight them off. As recently reported by Forbes, The Walking Dead recently beat… Read more »

Could Adam Lambert Be The New Judge On ‘American Idol?’

Adam Lambert could be coming back to American Idol--this time as a judge.

It’s been a great year for Adam Lambert. The former American Idol runner-up joined the legendary rock band Queen for one of the summer’s hottest concert tours, as highlighted previously in the Inquisitr, and the collaboration was such a success that there is even talk of new Queen music featuring Adam Lambert’s uniquely flamboyant stylings… Read more »

Daniel Tosh Rips ESPN For Allegedly Stealing ‘Web Redemption’ Segment

Daniel Tosh

Comedian Daniel Tosh ripped ESPN on Tuesday for allegedly stealing the popular “Web Redemption” segment from his Comedy Central show, Tosh.0. On Daniel Tosh’s show, the “Web Redemption” segment is basically designed to allow someone that inadvertently embarrassed themselves in a viral video to redeem themselves with a second chance to get it done right… Read more »

Does ‘Too Many Cooks’ Follow-Up Live Up To Expectations?

Too Many Cooks Follow-Up In Search of Miracle Man

Adult Swim’s Too Many Cooks became a sensation just about over night. The parody which first aired on October 27 was originally only meant to be shown on their channel at 4 a.m. interspersed between actual infomercials and was never expected to become quite so popular. The 11-minute clip took off, though especially once it… Read more »