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‘Galavant’ Is Must-See TV Tonight [Video]

Galavant Airs Tonight On ABC

Galavant just might be the hero TV needs right now. It’s that depressing time of year when most shows are taking winter breaks, so if you’re tired of reruns, you definitely should check out ABC’s shiny new comedy/action/fantasy tonight. According to Playbill, the fairy tale series focuses on the adventures of a hero named Galavant… Read more »

‘Downton Abbey’ Season 5 Set To Premiere In U.S.

Downton Abbey-Season 5

Downton Abbey will begin its fifth season in the U.S. this Sunday on PBS stations across the country and fans seem to be eager for it, even as it has already aired in its entirety in the U.K. The Los Angeles Times reported on North American fans eagerly flocking to the United Kingdom this past… Read more »

‘The Walking Dead’ And Other US Shows May Be Soon Banned In China


The Walking Dead and other U.S. shows could face an uncertain fate in China. Authorities shut down two popular file-sharing sites in late November. That means fans of The Walking Dead may never get to see their beloved television show ever again. “According to a CNN report, late last month, “many found their entertainment lifeline… Read more »

Kathie Lee Gifford Stars In ‘Today Show’ Musical, Airs On NBC

kathie lee gifford

On December 29, The Today Show unveiled a short musical written by Kathie Lee Gifford. TODAY: The Musical is a song and dance spectacle featuring the show’s cast and crew. And while hosts Matt Lauer and Al Roker make an appearance, the musical stars the Today Show‘s stagehand, Sal Cacciato. In true Broadway fashion, Cacciato… Read more »

‘The Walking Dead’ Companion Series To Start Shooting Soon

andrew lincoln as rick grimes

The Walking Dead companion series is expected to start shooting soon. This new show will be based on Image Comics/Skybound series from Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard, according to ComicBook. The series will air during The Walking Dead’s off-schedule time, increasing the popularity of the already massively successful horror show and drama. There isn’t much… Read more »

‘Doctor Who’ Promotes ‘Gay Agenda,’ Viewers Claim In BBC Complaints

Does Doctor Who promote a 'gay agenda'? Some BBC viewers think so.

Does the decades-popular sci-fi series Doctor Who promote ‘the gay agenda,’ whatever exactly that may be? That’s what some viewers are saying, and the BBC has actually received formal complaints about the show. Some complaints further allege that the network itself is biased in favor of a ‘pro-gay’ viewpoint. According to Pink News, some episodes… Read more »

Anderson Cooper And Kathy Griffin Ready For New Year’s Eve

Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin Plan New Year's Eve

Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin will be back this year to anchor CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage. As Out magazine recalls, the pair usually include hijinks that would not normally appear on the news network, thanks in part to Griffin’s notoriously raunchy brand of comedy. In 2009, she used a four-letter-word and has pushed the… Read more »

‘The Walking Dead': Was Daryl Dixon In Love With Carol Or Beth?

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead’s toughest character, Daryl Dixon, has risen to iconic status with his crossbow and quiet intensity. While Daryl (Norman Reedus) may have inspired a pop culture phenomenon, fans have long been wondering why the guy can’t get lucky in love in the zombie apocalypse. There has been plenty of emotional bonding with Carol… Read more »