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‘Big Bang Theory’ Cast Pay Astronomical, But Not Uncommon

Big Bang Pay Raise

The news has been out for roughly a day now, but in case you didn’t hear it, Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, and Kaley Cuoco of CBS’ The Big Bang Theory have more than tripled their salaries to one million dollars per episode. The trio’s previous deals saw them collect $300,000 per episode. Mind you that… Read more »

‘Daredevil’ On Netflix: First Instagram Pics From The Set!

Daredevil Instagram Pics

Any chance of a Daredevil reboot in theaters looked to be dead in the water following Ben Affleck’s 2003 disastrous turn as the blind superhero. When the rights reverted back to Marvel Studios, it seemed as if even the red-hot comic company didn’t want to touch its own creation on the big-screen. However, Daredevil on… Read more »

Vince Vaughn Eyed For Season Two Of ‘True Detective’

vincce vaughn may be on true detective

It’s not a surprise that Vince Vaughn is in need of a career overhaul, but no one expected him to be in talks for True Detective’s next season. Vaughn, who has spent his years phoning it in following hits like Dodgeball and Wedding Crashers, is in desperate need of a reinvention. Basically, he needs to… Read more »

Phil Robertson Blamed For The Crash And Burn Of ‘Duck Dynasty’

Duck Dynasty

Is Phil Robertson the reason that Duck Dynasty has lost its luster? A&E is seeing some pretty awful ratings for a show that was once their cash cow, and some people are wondering if Robertson patriarch, Phil Robertson, might be responsible for it. According to The Aiken Standard, controversy surrounding the Robertson family just might… Read more »

The Simpsons: Season 26 To Be The Cartoon’s Last?


The Simpsons will be back this September, and long-time fans are uber excited to see Homer Simpson and the whole neighborhood back on Fox. However, some fans aren’t as thrilled to watch the new season, which is rumored to be the show’s last. According to a few rumors going around social media, Season 26 of… Read more »

John Stamos To Guest Star On ABC Fairy Tale Series ‘Galavant’

stamos joins once upon a time

John Stamos is giving Once Upon a Time fans a little extra incentive to tune in to Galavant after Once goes on its mid-season break. ABC is obviously hoping that Oncers will embrace a second fairy tale show even though Once Upon a Time in Wonderland failed to enchant Evil Regals and Ugly Ducklings. Luckily,… Read more »

Bryan Cranston Reflects On ‘Breaking Bad’ – And Life After

Bryan Cranston

Breaking Bad may have ended a year ago, but Bryan Cranston is still thinking about it. The breakthrough AMC series about a high-school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with lung cancer, causing him to start a meth-making empire to acquire money for his family, is still up for awards, believe it or not. The show… Read more »