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Will ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Go Out With A Whimper?

Big Bang Theory Cast

The Big Bang Theory is due to begin production of its eighth season on July 30, but that may not happen. According to Fox News, stars Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar have yet to finalize contracts that would secure their return to The Big Bang Theory for any of… Read more »

‘Star Wars Episode VII’: Plot Details Revealed?

Star Wars Episode VII plot revealed?

The hugely anticipated sequel Star Wars Episode VII, produced by Disney in conjunction with Lucasfilm, is a very well guarded secret. However, it appears that some of the plot details have leaked online. We must warn you that there may be spoilers ahead, but why would you be reading this article if you didn’t want… Read more »

Rose McGowan Instagram Slam: Michael Jackson Comparison Angers Actress

Rose McGowan Instagram feud starts with comparison to Michael Jackson

Rose McGowan hosted an Instagram slam after fans told her she looks like Michael Jackson in a photo she captioned “Afghanistan.” In the picture she posted, with sunglasses on and baring a big smile, she certainly resembled him in his last days. Of course, in the right circumstances, any celebrity can look like another. McGowan’s… Read more »

Monty Python Live: The Last Show Coming To Theaters Around The World

Monty Python Spanish

The Monty Python comedy group is finishing its three weeks performing Monty Python Live (mostly) in London with a bang. The final performance from London’s O2 arena will be available in 2,000 movie theaters in 100 countries. Monty Python’s Flying Circus, the original BBC comedy sketch show, first aired in 1969 and gave the world… Read more »

Miley Cyrus Dead? Death Hoax Kills Cyrus, Blames Drug Overdose

Miley Cyrus dead

Is Miley Cyrus dead? A death hoax took over the internet in the overnight hours, claiming that Cyrus was found dead in a hotel room in Los Angeles. The alleged cause of death? A drug overdose. According to The Epoch Times, the hoax is actually part of a scam intended to get people to click… Read more »

The Fault In Our Stars: Is Gus’ Cigarette A Metaphor Or Not?

A screenshot of the cigarette metaphor scene in The Fault In Our Stars.

Since the release of The Fault In Our Stars film, the internet has been ablaze over Ansel Elgort’s character Augustus Waters. While some are smitten by his good looks and romantic charm, others think he’s a pretentious pseudo intellectual. The Fault In Our Stars fans have been jumping to Gus’ rescue every chance they get,… Read more »