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Terrell Owens’ New Wife Demanding Divorce After TWO-WEEK Marriage


Terrell Owens is making headlines yet again. This time, things are no better! According to TMZ, the former NFL wide receiver and his new bride Rachel Snider are already headed for divorce. But, here’s the kicker: They’ve only been married for TWO WEEKS. The publication reports that Owens and Snider actually tied the knot on… Read more »

Clint Eastwood Uses Heimlich To Save Choking Man

Clint Eastwood saves man's life with Heimlich maneuver

Clint Eastwood is a hero in real life by using the Heimlich maneuver. The actor/director, 83, reportedly save the life of a choking man at an AT&T Pebble Beach golf tournament event in California. “Clint saved my life,” the man who had some food lodged in his throat, declared. The incident occurred at the Pro-AM’s… Read more »

‘The Real World’ Changes Format And Scores Ratings High

The Real World ratings high

When The Real World debuted in 1992 on MTV they were at the start of something revolutionary. At that time MTV was the only network to push forward television programming that documented real people having real conversations, and navigating the ups and downs of relationships in a serialized program. Following the program’s explosion there was… Read more »

One Direction Lands Free Cab Rides For A Year

One Direction Band Members

“Ask and you shall receive” should be the new motto for the boy band One Direction. When their most recent video Midnight Memories debuted earlier this week, a London-based company could not help but notice that they had received a shout out. There, in the video, was one of Addison Lee’s vehicles for all of… Read more »

Kim Kardashian Secretly Films Khloe and Kylie’s Duet

Kim Kardashian Poses

Khloe Kardashian and her little sister Kylie Jenner seem to be spending a lot of time together lately. Not only did their trampoline incident gone wrong send Kylie to the hospital, now Kim Kardashian has leaked some secret footage she got of her lovely sisters belting out the lyrics to Mirrors by Justin Timberlake. Apparently,… Read more »

Kanye West’s Collaboration With Chief Keef Confirmed

Kanye West collaboration

A lot of gossip is swarming Kanye West’s personal life with his impending wedding to Kim Kardashian, but West has a lot of professional news to celebrate as well. In addition to his “I dos” West is showing no signs of slowing down despite releasing his Yeezus album. Despite his radio tour in support of… Read more »

Katy Perry Is Not Into Instagram, But Is Into Strippers

Katy Perry not into Instagram

Even though Katy Perry is celebrating being the most followed user on Twitter with 50 million Twitter followers, there’s one popular social network that she’s absolutely not into, and that’s Instagram. Perry sat down for an interview with GQ magazine recently, where they uncovered a few tidbits about the singer. One of them is that… Read more »

Britney Spears’ Dad Jaime Demands Raise From Judge

Britney spears Father Wants a Raise

Britney Spears’ father thinks he deserves a raise… and a hefty one at that! According to Radar Online, Jaime Spears, the man who has been taking care of the pop starlet since her epic meltdowns in the mid 2000’s is asking for his compensation to be bumped up to over $200,000 a year, claiming an… Read more »

Rachel McAdams: The Real Life Mean Girl

Rachel McAdams In Mean Girls

This year marks the tenth year since the infamous Mean Girls movie was released. Not only was this movie the highlight of Lindsay Lohan’s career, thus far, it marked the launch of Rachel McAdams’ career as she portrayed the typical high school “mean girl” Regina George. While each character seemed to fit their role perfectly,… Read more »

Kim Kardashian Posts Nearly Nude ‘Throwback’ Instagram Snap [Photos]

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, on the same day she made a surprise appearance on The Tonight Show to help Jay Leno celebrate his final program, marked the internet’s “Throwback Thursday” tradition by posting a rather saucy snap of herself from what appeared to be a 2011 calendar shoot. “Throwback Thursday” calls for internet users to post photos… Read more »

Missy Elliott Planning Music Comeback, But Won’t Say When

Missy Elliott Planning Music Comeback, But Won't Say When

Missy Elliott has been gone from the music scene for going on ten years, and while she’s still planning a comeback the rapper won’t say when it might happen. The groundbreaking producer and emcee said she hasn’t been able to follow up the critically acclaimed 2005 album The Cookbook because she hasn’t been able to… Read more »

The Weather Channel Ratings Improve Despite Ban By DirecTV

The Weather channel ratings

The Weather Channel ratings showed improvement despite all the troubles the network has faced since being dropped by satellite provider DirecTV. The Atlanta based network lost one-fifth of its subscribers for about half the month of January after it couldn’t agree on a price tag to stay in DirectTV’s line-up. On January 13, DirecTV dumped… Read more »

‘Dallas Buyers Club’ Lawsuit Targets Internet Piracy

Dallas Buyers Club Torrent

If you recently downloaded Dallas Buyers Club through a torrent site, then you could have a team of lawyers knocking on your door sometime soon. Voltage Pictures, the company who targeted folks who illegally downloaded copies of The Hurt Locker back in 2010, is spearheading the case against 31 anonymous torrent users who snagged copies… Read more »

Duck Dynasty Ratings Drop Again, But Still Wins Night In Cable Race

Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty, after a ratings rally in the third week of Season Five last week, took another drop last night. After scoring a healthy 3.0 rating in the crucial 18-49 year old age group last week, the redneck reality show dipped back down to 2.5 for the Wednesday, February 5 episode. Nonetheless, the rating was… Read more »

Rachel McAdams Made Lindsay Lohan Nervous On The Set Of ‘Mean Girls’


Rachel McAdams made co-star Lindsay Lohan extremely nervous on the set of the 2004 comedy Mean Girls. It’s hard to believe that writer Tina Fey and director Mark Waters’ adaptation of Rosalind Wiseman’s book arrived on the big screen nearly 10 years ago. To celebrate the film’s anniversary, Waters decided to share a few interesting… Read more »