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Life Without Miley Cyrus Is Good For Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth Happy

Liam Hemsworth is apparently doing pretty good without Miley Cyrus in his life. The Expendables 2 star and America’s twerking anti-sweetheart famously ended their relationship earlier this year. Although he’s remained fairly quiet about the breakup, Hemsworth recently decided to discuss where he’s at in his post-Cyrus life. “These days I feel like I’m more… Read more »

Justin Bieber’s Bodyguard Arrested Over Alleged Photographer Assault

Justin Bieber Bodyguard Arrested For Alleged Paparazzo Assault

Justin Bieber’s bodyguard has been arrested for allegedly assaulting a paparazzo in Hawaii. At the time of the purported incident, the 19-year-old singer and his entourage were on the island of Kauai watching the teen star jump from Shipwreck’s Beach, TMZ reports. Bieber was seen making the leap in red swimwear while his crew filmed… Read more »

Justin Bieber Calls Out His Critics

Justin Bieber Tells Haters He Doesn't 'Give A Fuck What They Say'

Justin Bieber is in defiant form in the November 29 issue of The Hollywood Reporter. “I don’t give a f–k,” he says, summing his personal mantra against the tide of opinion, critics, and haters. Explaining, he adds,”Not ‘I don’t give a f–k’ to just be reckless and do whatever, but ‘I don’t give a f–k… Read more »

Kendall Jenner Posts Raunchy Photos Wearing See-Through Black Top

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner just turned 18, but that hasn’t stopped her from losing the innocent girl next door image and going for a raunchier look. The young Jenner did a photo shoot on Tuesday, during which she posted the sexy pics of herself, nipples and cleavage and all. She accompanied the photo with the comment: “Sneak… Read more »

Justin Bieber Jumps Off A Cliff, Doesn’t Belly-Flop [Video]

Justin Bieber Jumps Off A Cliff In Hawaii

Justin Bieber jumps off a cliff in Hawaii and a battalion of cameras captured the moment. Apparently, there isn’t anything the 19-year-old can do that isn’t recorded for posterity, or infamy, and jumping off rocky terrain in the Aloha State is one of them. Justin recently wrapped a tumultuous Latin America leg of his Believe… Read more »

Amanda Bynes: Is She Mentally Sound Enough For DUI Case?

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes has been ruled mentally sound enough to stand trial for her DUI case, according to a judge in an L.A. mental health court After reviewing her medical records,the judge said that Bynes is fit to stand trial. The troubled actress failed to show up at her appointment with the courts on September 24…. Read more »

Juicy J, Yo Gotti Squash Their Problems

Juicy J Twitter

Although Yo Gotti was a little irritated by Juicy J and his recent behavior, the rappers have reportedly worked everything out. According to Gotti, the pair resolved their differences. The rappers, who both hail from the streets of Memphis, haven’t seen eye-to-eye in recent days. Since Juicy J was reportedly avoiding Yo Gotti at every… Read more »

Channing Tatum Pokes Fun At Jean-Claude Van Damme Volvo Ad [Video]

Channing Tatum Splits Jean-Claude Van Damme Volvo

Channing Tatum is having a little fun at Jean-Claude Van Damme’s expense. In case you missed it, the Expendables 2 star recently appeared in a Volvo ad that featured the Muscles from Brussels doing the splits between two moving trucks. Although some safety equipment was reportedly removed using computers, JCVD executed the stunt without the… Read more »

Justin Bieber, Scooter Braun Relationship Strained But Still Standing

Justin Bieber And Scooter Braun Relationship Power Struggle

Scooter Braun has revealed his relationship with Justin Bieber came under strain this past year as the singer rebelled against being criticized in the wake of a string of scandals and controversies. The 19-year-old has been the subject of heightened media focus in recent months following incidents on and off his Believe world tour, including… Read more »

Hulk Hogan Was Suicidal After Reality Show Cancellation

Hulk Hogan Depression

Hulk Hogan has revealed that he was suicidal after his reality TV show was canceled back in 2007. Hogan Knows Best revolved around the former professional wrestler’s life, and also featured his daughter, Brooke, his son, Nick, and his then-wife, Linda. Hogan, who was born Terry Gene Bollea, has now explained how the show’s cancellation,… Read more »

‘The Walking Dead': Former Showrunner Refuses To Watch The Series

The Walking Dead Frank Darabont

The Walking Dead is still going strong for the folks over at AMC. However, former showrunner Frank Darabont said he simply refuses to watch the show he helped launch. The man who brought Stephen King’s The Shawshank Redemption to the big screen was reportedly forced to leave the show during the second season of the… Read more »

Fall Out Boy Drummer Apologizes For Insensitive Shirt

Fall Out Boy Rising Sun T-Shirt

Fall Out Boy drummer Andy Hurley apologized for the controversy sparked by the insensitive shirt he wore during a recent fashion event. The band performed at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last week, an event that found Hurley sporting a Rising Sun flag t-shirt. Although the drummer didn’t don the apparel to get a rise… Read more »

Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall Agree to ‘End Bitter Feud’

Eddie Murphy

Everyone’s seen veteran comedians Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall in action. Anyone who remembers the legendary 90s comedy film Coming to America definitely knows all about ‘Prince Akeem and his royal sidekick, Semmi.’ But, what most fans don’t know is that, over the years, the two didn’t quite have that same camaraderie they exhibited on… Read more »

Sexiest Man Alive Is Adam Levine, So The Scientists Say

Adam Levine People's Sexiest Man Alive

So, who is the sexiest man alive today? Well, that question is of course subjective – as the saying goes: ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,’ but according to People Magazine, Adam Levine is the king of sexy. Levine is known and loved by many as a band member of Maroon 5 as… Read more »

Eminem Gives Credit To ‘Hip Hop’ For Saving His Life

Eminem says hip hop saved life

Eminem made waves onto the Hip Hop scene in 1999 with his first LP, and following that he had a “never looking back” attitude about him. Then he decided to retire, or at least the equivalent of retiring, as he hid away in his home in Detroit. During that time, Eminem has gone on record… Read more »