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Joan Jett Replaces CeeLo Green At Louisiana Music Festival

Joan Jett replacing CeeLo Green

Joan Jett is reaping the benefits of CeeLo Greens recent transgressions. The female rocker is actually reaping the benefits of suddenly becoming an artist people appreciate again as she’s been making quite a few headlines in the last few weeks. This time, she’s making headlines as the replacement act at a Louisiana music festival in… Read more »

‘St. Vincent': Bill Murray Shines As A Loud-Mouthed Drunk

Bill Murray

Bill Murray’s latest film, St. Vincent, recently premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival to rave reviews. In the film, Bill Murray plays a ornery, loud-mouthed drunk named Vincent. His neighbor, a 12 year-old boy named Oliver – played exquisitely by Jaeden Lieberher – whose parents have just gone through a divorce falls under Vincent’s… Read more »

Brittany Murphy Biopic Appears Almost Universally Unliked

Brittany Muprhy biopic

By all accounts, Brittany Murphy was a warm and caring person who was well liked by everyone she met. The Brittany Murphy Lifetime biopic appears to, in many ways be the exact opposite with anyone who has seen it decrying it as “awful” if they’re trying to be kind. The late Murphy’s father not liking… Read more »

Adam Sandler Terrified Of Technology’s Impact On Young People

Men Women & Children

Adam Sandler is currently starring in Jason Reitman’s Men, Women & Children, and the film has made him terrified of the effects of technology on children. Men, Women & Children focuses on the sexual frustrations that young teenagers and adults face in the modern world. The film effectively plays on people’s fears of new technology… Read more »

Joan Rivers: Funeral Today In New York – ‘Lights, Camera, Action?’

Joan Rivers Funeral

Joan Rivers’ funeral will take place later today in New York. The iconic comedian died Thursday at age 81 at Mount Sinai Hospital. In her long life in the entertainment industry, Rivers was friendly with a veritable who’s-who in Hollywood, and numerous stars have indicated their intent to attend Joan’s final red carpet affair according… Read more »

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Breaks ‘Avengers’ Record

Box Office Records

Guardians of the Galaxy has been the hit of the summer, there’s no question about it, but everyone still seems to consider it as the red-headed stepchild of The Avengers. The Avengers is still one of the biggest grossing films of all time, but Guardians of the Galaxy has finally broken one of The Avengers… Read more »

Ariana Grande Stands Up To Cancer

Ariana Grande performs for Stand Up to Cancer.

Cancer is a frightening disease. No one needs to read an article to tell them that. Most people know someone who has had to deal with the disease. Many of those know someone who has lost their life to it. In July, Ariana Grande lost her grandfather. Earlier this year, Grandpa Grande was diagnosed with… Read more »

Drew Carey On ALS Ice Bucket Prank, Weight Loss, Male Model Searcg

Drew Carey weighs in on the ice bucket, weight loss, and male models

Drew Carey, former host of classic improv television show Whose Line is it Anyway?, has been the focus of many headlines lately. Possibly the most dramatic of these headlines has to do with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. According to Wbpf.com, a teenage boy with autism was the victim of a cruel prank: classmates challenged… Read more »

TV Is For Old People: New Study Claims Median Ages As High As 58

TV Is For Old People, Agree?

TV is for old people. Those are the rather blunt findings of a new study issued by media analyst Michael Nathanson of Moffett Nathanson Research. Nathanson revealed that the median age of a broadcast or cable television viewer during the 2013-2014 TV season was 44.4 years old. This number represents a 6 percent increase in… Read more »

Kelly Rowland’s Unborn Son Will Inspire Baby Watches

Kelly Rowland launches watch collection and plans to add baby watches in honor of her unborn son.

Kelly Rowland has had an amazing year. The singer married her manager and they are now in the last stages of expecting their first child, a boy. Sometime between those two stressful and wonderful milestones Kelly Rowland also managed to design and launch a watch collection with TW Steel. Rowland offered a statement about her… Read more »

Weezer Offered $10 Mil To Split Up, Agrees To Do It For Double

Weezer Will Quit For $20 Mil

Weezer has been offered $10 million to break up by a man who says they’re no longer musically relevant. James Burns of Seattle has set a target goal of $10 million for people who hate the band behind “Buddy Holly” to donate toward the band’s possible destruction on thepoint, a crowd-funding site. Burns noted in… Read more »

Cara Delevingne: Five Things You Didn’t Know

Cara Delevingne

Everyone knows model Cara Delevingne instantly. From her thick lips to her define cheekbones, Delevigne’s image is imprinted in the world’s mind and will most likely live on to be an icon of our era. However, not much is widely known about the woman behind the iconically thick brows. Here are five things you may… Read more »

Katy Perry Bringing Special Friend Charli XCX On Tour

Katy Perry Charli XCX

Move over Riff Raff, Katy Perry may have a new BFF as her European Prismatic tour begins to heat up now that Charli XCX will be on board. The announcement was made on Twitter after hinting at the matchup on Instagram during the MTV Video Music Awards. The tweet came after the aforementioned Instagram of… Read more »

Jennifer Lawrence Wins Guinness Book World Record

Guinness World Records

Jennifer Lawrence can now add Guinness Book World Record holder to her resume. In the midst of the nude picture hacking scandal, a ray of light has beamed down on Jennifer Lawrence. According to the official Guinness World Records site, Jennifer Lawrence now holds the record as the highest grossing action movie heroine of all… Read more »