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Comic Books Change Characters In Name Of Diversity

Captain America Issue #1

Comic books always featured stories of characters changing from one persona into another, but relatively recent evolutions in the industry have comic book companies and creators increasingly focusing on having their characters going through changes of the diversity kind. The Associated Press highlighted the new black Captain America in an article on December 16 but… Read more »

Do You Have ‘The Sight’? New Game Of Thrones Season 5 Mini Teaser [Video]


The Game of Thrones television producers have been heavily pushing their new promotional website called ThreeEyedRaven. The promotional site features “exclusive” videos and teasers for the upcoming season for those that have “the sight.” Unfortunately to get “the sight,” you must allow the HBO series the ability to send you either SMS text messages or… Read more »

Duggar Family Christmas Card Is Actually Birthday Card — For Jesus!

Duggar Christmas Card

The Duggar family Christmas card says “Merry Christmas” in small letters. But big, bold type above a group photo of the entire, massive Duggar clan, reveals the Christmas card’s true purpose. This is not a Christmas card at all. This is birthday card. To Jesus. The Duggars, as is widely known from the Duggar family’s… Read more »

Bill Cosby Won’t Be Charged In 1974 Molestation Claim, Prosecutors Say

Bill Cosby

Los Angeles prosecutors announced Tuesday they would not charge Bill Cosby in regards to an allegation that the comedian sexually assaulted a 15-year-old at the Playboy Mansion in 1974. ABC 7 reports L.A. prosecutors came to the decision 10 days after Judy Huth filed a report with the LAPD against Cosby, alleging he sexually molested… Read more »

Captain Kirk Reacts To Miley Cyrus In Hilarious Video [Video]

Captain Kirk Reacts To Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is known for her less-than-conventional on-stage musical performances. However, one of her most infamous shows took place at MTV’s Video Music Awards, which featured a giant foam finger. The video went viral on its own, but one YouTube user took the video to a whole new level by including Captain Kirk’s reaction to… Read more »

‘The Voice’ Finalists Dethrone Taylor Swift: Contracts Imminent?

The Voice Finale Finalists Move Taylor Swift Out of Top

The Voice recently boasted that singles from Voice contestants had officially crossed the 20,000,000 threshold. Well on Tuesday, The Voice also managed to do something that no one else has been able to do: Dethrone guess Voice mentor Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” single. After the Monday night performance show, the four Voice finalists debuted their… Read more »

Meghan Trainor Just Got Fan Mail From Beyonce!


Meghan Trainor is undeniably one of the hottest pop artists right now. As All About That Bass continues to soar on the charts this year, people are already beginning to see the 21-year-old singer alongside Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, earning her seat as one of the most sought-after singers of the decade. And what’s… Read more »

Christina Hendricks Joins Cast Of Showtime’s ‘Roadies’

Christina Hendricks has a new show

Christina Hendricks is the newest addition for the pilot for a brand new Showtime series called Roadies. With the addition of the Mad Men veteran actress, it appears Roadies is going to have some heavy hitters lending it their support. Christina Hendricks joins director Cameron Crowe as two of the most well known names attached… Read more »