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A Kenny Chesney Concert Is More Raucous, Has More Drunks Than A Packers Game

Hundreds booted at Kenny Chesney concert

Kenny Chesney’s fans really know how to party hard. At a concert at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on Saturday, some partied so hard they needed medical treatment, were ejected, or arrested. The officers so overwhelmed with raucous, intoxicated fans that they couldn’t keep up and stopped counting the trouble-makers. One thing is certain:… Read more »

Ed Sheeran Sets Record With ‘Thinking Out Loud’

Ed Sheeran

Earlier this year, Ed Sheeran famously said that he’d like to be as popular as Taylor Swift. Sheeran might not be quite on Taylor’s level yet, but the British crooner is well on his way to going down as one of the most popular artists of his time. The proof is in the numbers. Throughout… Read more »

Taylor Swift Slammed By Pandora Exec, Freelance Photographer For Apple Letter

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has been applauded lately for her “victorious” open letter to Apple, explaining why she wouldn’t include her new album 1989 on their new streaming service, Apple Music. In her letter, Swift explained that Apple Music is giving its customers a three-month trial, which means that artists won’t get paid during those three months…. Read more »

Janet Jackson’s New ‘No Sleeep’ Single Makes Some Listeners Yawn

Janet Jackson Photoshop

This morning, Janet Jackson released her long-awaited single, “No Sleeep,” and it hasn’t received the universal praise she has hoped for. While Jackson’s biggest fans like the song, many others think it is quite a yawn. Commenters on a Billboard article about the new single weren’t too kind. “This is a joke, right? I knew… Read more »

Michael Hutchence Final Song Released Today, Almost 8 Years After His Death

[Photo: Getty Images]

Michael Hutchence fans have mourned the Australian star of internationally acclaimed rock group INXS for almost eight years now, following the death of the lead singer in November, 1997. Michael Hutchence initially rose to fame with Australian rock group INXS before moving to a solo career. As Rolling Stone reported, Michael Hutchence had become obsessed… Read more »

Liam Payne Not Going Solo: Directioners Can Breathe Again

Liam Payne

One Direction star Liam Payne thanks a reviewer who said that they would definitely attend a Liam solo show, the internet goes crazy. Cue a rash of stories that Liam Payne is quitting One Direction to forge a solo career. It is an all-too-familiar tale, one that Liam and his One Direction band-mates have to… Read more »

Ed Sheeran And Taylor Swift Fans Heartbroken By Ticket Agency Rip-Off

Ed Sheeran Taylor Swift

Fans of Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift have been left heartbroken and out of pocket after an apparent ticket agency rip-off. Fans desperate to score tickets for Ed Sheeran’s sold-out shows at Wembley stadium next month paid “Circle Tickets” hundreds of pounds for the tickets. Sheeran fans were left heartbroken after the agency seemingly shut… Read more »

Metallica Via Megadeth — Ellefson Interviews Trujillo


Metallica and Megadeth, two bands that will be connected at the hip — or the ankle — for as long as the genre of metal retains listeners. Metallica is arguably the biggest hard-rock or metal (depending on who’s doing the classifications), and Megadeth is Metallica’s ornery stepchild. Ever since Megadeth founder Dave Mustaine was handed… Read more »

Van Halen Trying To Stop Sammy Hagar From Playing His Own Songs?

Van Halen Trying To Stop Sammy Hagar from Playing His Own Songs?

The course of Van Halen’s history never did run smooth. Ever since the early 1980s — with a brief respite in the 90s — there has been some sort of feud going on between current and/or former members of the band. There’s nothing you can do today. Your dad is bummed because Van Halen won’t… Read more »

Iron Maiden Announces Latest Album, ‘The Book Of Souls’

Iron Maiden announces new album "the Book of Souls"

Now that their frontman, Bruce Dickinson, has beat cancer, Iron Maiden is back with their sixteenth studio album, a double album titled The Book of Souls, the Guardian reports. The album will feature 11 new songs and run for a total of 92 minutes. The Book Of Souls – coming September 4th —… Read more »

Rihanna Tops Beyoncé As Dance Music Queen


Beyoncé may be called “The Queen” a lot, but it’s Rihanna who has just beaten Beyoncé on the dance charts. Billboard broke the news on Thursday. “Rihanna reigns atop Billboard‘s Dance Club Songs chart (dated June 27) for the 23rd time with ‘Bit*h Better Have My Money’ (2-1). With her latest leader, she eclipses Beyoncé… Read more »