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Is Aretha Franklin Following In Beyoncé’s Footsteps?


After Beyoncé dropped her self-titled fourth album late last year without a single bleep of press, something changed in the music world. Less than a year later, the “surprise album” concept has already spread to several other iconic acts. U2 followed a similar pattern last week, although their obnoxious method of automatically adding the album… Read more »

Adam Levine Denies Turning Maroon 5 Into Glorified Solo Project

Adam Levine Denies Turning Maroon 5 Into Solo Project

Adam Levine is on top of the world. But despite the success of Maroon 5’s V, many critics are arguing that the band has simply become a showcase for Levine and his rise to pop super-stardom. As previously reported by Inquistr, Maroon 5’s V topped the charts selling 164,000 copies in the week ending Sept…. Read more »

Jennifer Lopez Is No Longer The ‘Booty’ Queen


Jennifer Lopez was one the go-to artist if you were looking for someone with a curvaceous booty. Unfortunately for the singer, there are more than a few artists on the market who are more than ready to take away her crown. Instead of attempting battle Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea for the title, she’s decided… Read more »

Harry Styles Thinks Taylor Swift Uses Gimmicks To Sell Albums


Harry Styles and Taylor Swift broke up a while ago. However, that doesn’t mean the One Direction singer doesn’t spend a bit of his free time thinking about his ex-girlfriend. For those who don’t spend countless hours every day pouring over the life and times of modern-day pop stars, Styles and the country darling spent… Read more »

John Mellencamp Announces ‘Plain Spoken’ Tour Dates

Rock Legend John Mellencamp Announces 2015 'Plain Spoken' Tour

Legendary singer-songwriter John Mellencamp has announced a string of tour dates in support of his forthcoming release Plain Spoken. The “Jack and Diane” singer’s newest effort is set to be released on September 23rd via via Republic Records, and the album is Mellencamp’s first with the label. John’s newly announced concerts come just three weeks… Read more »