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Oliver has been a writer for over four years. In that time he has covered all the latest news and gossip from the tech sector, the entertainment world and the political arena. Baseball, football, Apple, Android, the Republicans and the Democrats, you name it, he’s probably covered it in some way, shape or form.

‘Watch Dogs’ Keeps Iron Grip On UK Sales Charts

Watch Dogs stays at the top of the sales charts

Watch Dogs might still be getting some less than wonderful reviews, but it’s still the most popular game among all formats, according to the UK Sales Charts. Watch Dogs is Ubisoft’s biggest release in quite some time, thanks in part to a rather original take on open-world adventure games. While some have said Watch Dogs… Read more »

‘GTA V’ Online DLC: What’s Coming And What’s Not

GTA V online heists

GTA V‘s release for PS4 and Xbox One is getting nearer. It appears GTA V for the next generation is going to be hitting store shelves this November and that version of the game has clearly been the focus of Rockstar the last couple of months. That doesn’t mean there isn’t content coming for GTA… Read more »

‘BioShock’ Gets New Teaser On Twitter, What Could It Mean?

BioShock gets teaser on Twitter

BioShock is one of the most popular series in video games. Now fans of BioShock and the most recent BioShock Infinite might be getting a new treat. A teaser on 2K United Kingdom’s Twitter account seems to indicate BioShock is coming back in one form or another. That is good news for people who thought… Read more »

Twitch Officially Welcomed Into The Fold By Google

Twitch officially purchased by Google

Twitch had long been rumored to be getting wooed by Google, and this weekend the purchase became official. For those that aren’t familiar with the video gaming world, Twitch is a website that is dedicated towards allowing people to stream their individual games. This has allowed people to use Twitch to share their exploits in… Read more »

Cliff Lee: Trade Rumors, Noxious Gas Swirl Around Ace Pitcher


Cliff Lee is likely on his way out of Philadelphia by the end of this month. The trade rumors surrounding Lee are starting to heat up, thanks to his return to the mound on Monday night. Cliff was making his first start since May 18, and the rust was certainly evident and pretty predictable. What… Read more »

Tumblr CEO Hangs With President Obama

Tumblr CEO Hangs With President Obama

Tumblr CEO David Karp may not be as well known as other tech gurus, but his social media site continues to surge in popularity and his latest exploits should only help. The Tumblr creator recently rubbed elbows with the most powerful man in the world at a fundraiser. In addition to the Tumblr creator getting… Read more »

‘Destiny’ Beta Got Two New Maps, For Two Hours

Destiny Beta gets new maps

The Destiny beta got a couple of new maps on Saturday, but players only got to sample the new content over a two-hour window. The people running the Destiny beta have been working hard to make the event as special as possible and Saturday’s addition certainly did that. Gamespot reports that one of the maps… Read more »

Fantasy Football Permeating NFL Landscape

Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football season is upon us yet again. What? It’s not even August yet! For those who are Fantasy Football aficionados, the season starts right about the same time NFL teams starting gearing up for fall camp. Fantasy sports in general have become much more popular over the last few years thanks to the pastime… Read more »

‘Watch Dogs’ Drawing Gamers’ Ire Despite Topping Sales Charts

Watch Dogs getting plenty of sales and plenty of anger

Watch Dogs is an interesting video game if for no other reason than the contradicting realities surrounding Ubisoft’s games. One the one hand, Watch Dogs has shipped more than 8 million copies since it was released. That number puts Watch Dogs on top of the June sales charts when it comes to video games, especially… Read more »

Kelly Ayotte Sees Russian Fingerprints On Downed Airliner

Kelly Ayotte thinks Russia is behind downed plane

Kelly Ayotte isn’t buying Russia’s claim that it wants to find the people responsible for downing a Malaysia Airlines jetliner as it flew over the Ukraine. In fact, the Republican Senator believes Russia is responsible for the plane being shot down in the first place. While Kelly Ayotte says she isn’t sure of the exact… Read more »

Mike Tomlin Excited About Pittsburgh Steelers’ Ground Game

Mike Tomlin excited about Steelers'

Mike Tomlin has a bevy of running backs and he says the division of labor is going to have to sort itself out as the season goes along. When last we saw Mike Tomlin, he was explaining how he didn’t blame anyone but himself when it came to his Pittsburgh Steelers missing the playoffs. His… Read more »

Dan Gilbert’s Famous Letter Now Just A Weird Footnote In NBA History

Dan Gilbert's embarassing letter

Dan Gilbert’s open letter, written around this time of year four years ago, looks even weirder today. While there were plenty of people who thought Gilbert’s Comic Sans written letter was childish and strange when Lebron James was leaving Cleveland, Dan Gilbert gets his player back despite the mud slinging. Late last week, James announced… Read more »

Burned Dwyane Wade Could Be Headed To The Bulls

Dwyane Wade heading to Chicago?

Dwyane Wade is probably not going to be spending much time in the forseeable future with Lebron James. With the news that James has resigned with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Wade is now a player without a team. What’s worse is that Dwyane was lured to the Miami Heat after promises that Wade, James, and Bosh… Read more »

Genie Bouchard Lost Out On Big Payday With Wimbledon Stumble

Eugenie Bouchard

Genie Bouchard was just one step away from bringing a women’s Wimbledon title home to her native Canada. Unfortunately for Genie, she fell short of the championship losing in straight sets to Petra Kvitova 6-3, and 6-0. While Bouchard had become known as the new darling of women’s tennis, the finals match didn’t last an… Read more »

‘GTA VI’: Next Grand Theft Auto Rumored Coming 2017

GTA VI coming summer of 2017

GTA VI might be coming in the Summer of 2017, if the latest rumors can be believed. One recent report indicated that preorders for the next generation of GTA V on the PS4 and Xbox One have started to slow down. We at The Inquisitr wondered if perhaps it was a situation where people are… Read more »

‘Assassin’s Creed: Memories’ Coming To iOS ‘Soon’

Assassin's Creed Memories is coming

Ubisoft appears to be getting everything it can out of the Assassin’s Creed franchise. We’ve known for a while that the firm is launching Assassin’s Creed Unity later this year. Now it appears there is going to be another Assassin’s Creed game for the iOS entitled Assassin’s Creed Memories. Touch Arcade was the first website… Read more »

‘The Leftovers’: HBO Series Won’t Focus On Answers

The Leftovers don't bring answers

HBO’s newest show isn’t about getting to the bottom of things. The Leftovers is more about how people are dealing with the program’s central mystery, more than finding out why The Leftovers are The Leftovers. Considering the showrunner for this new program is Damon Lindelof, who is best known as the man behind Lost, it… Read more »

‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Release Date Looks Like It’s Been Leaked

Batman Arkham Knight release date

Batman: Arkham Knight was originally supposed to debut in 2014, but the release date was pushed back into “sometime in 2015″ right around E3. The official listing on the Microsoft Store has apparently leaked the release date for Batman: Arkham Knight. If the store listing can be believed, the game will be hitting store shelves… Read more »

‘Assassin’s Creed Unity’ Boasts Bigger Map Than ‘Black Flag’


As we get close to the release of Assassin’s Creed Unity, more details are starting to emerge. The biggest piece of information for this fifth iteration in the Assassin’s Creed series is that the game-play map is said to be quite big. Examiner.com reports that Assassin’s Creed Unity‘s map is actually bigger than the game… Read more »

‘True Blood’: Heads Will Roll In Series’ Final Season

the final season of True Blood

HBO series True Blood will begin its final season on Sunday night, and ahead of the premiere episode, information has been trickling out about what viewers can expect. One of the show’s producers, Brian Buckner recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly and hinted about what we can expect. Among the themes that will be front… Read more »

‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Unveils New Beautiful Screenshots

Dragon-Age-Inquisitionnew screenshot

Dragon Age: Inquisition might not be hitting store shelves until October, but EA released some brand new screenshots to wet our appetites. Electronic Arts has been touting Dragon Age: Inquisition for the last couple of weeks, including showing off a new trailer at E3. While these photos have been officially released, it seems as though… Read more »

Feedly Repeatedly Hit By DDoS Attacks

Feedly dropped by DDoS attacks

Feedly has made itself a nice little business stepping into the hole that was left in RSS readers once Google Reader was shut down. Now Feedly is facing the consequences of being the king of the hill as it has faced numerous DDoS attacks that have taken the site down multiple times in the last… Read more »

E3 2014: ‘Phantom Dust’ Getting An Xbox One Reboot

Phantom Dust reboot for Xbox One announced

Phantom Dust is one of the original Xbox’s best cult classics. Now the game is getting a reboot for the Xbox One. Phantom Dust was unveiled Monday night during Microsoft’s E3 2014 press conference. While there isn’t a ton of information available yet about the reboot it stands to reason this will be more a… Read more »

‘Madden NFL 15’ Trailer Brings The Pain For Offenses

Madden NFL 15 brings the pain

A new trailer for Madden NFL 15 has surfaced thanks to E3, and this new video shows Electronic Arts’ continued attempts to make the Madden series as realistic as possible. Aside from visual realism, Madden NFL 15 is trying to bring a greater emphasis on defense. EA has underlined this approach by making Carolina Panthers… Read more »

‘Crackdown 3’ Expected To Be Announced At E3

Crackdown 3 to be announced

Among the many expected announcements at this year’s E3 is the unveiling of Crackdown 3 during Monday night’s Microsoft press conference. While the Crackdown 3 rumors are just that right now, all signs point to the announcement of the new game in the now long running series. Industry website Develop was the first to break… Read more »

‘Skylanders: Trap Team’ Offering Gearshift As Preorder DLC Bonus

Skylanders: Trap Team offers Gearshift

Skylanders: Trap Team is coming up with an innovative new way to generate even more interest in this iteration than the previous titles in the Skylanders series. Kotaku is reporting that Gearshift, a character from Trap Team is going to be made available ahead of its normal release time if gamers preorder her. Gearshift isn’t… Read more »

‘Maleficent’ Blows Away Competition On Opening Weekend

Maleficent has strong opening

Maleficent has been working hard to drum up excitement over the last few months. All that hard work has apparently paid off for the Sleeping Beauty reimagining as Maleficent took home the box office crown on its opening weekend. The Angelina Jolie vehicle is being reported to have brought in more than $100 million overseas… Read more »

Katie Holmes Teams With Ryan Reynolds For ‘Woman In Gold’


Katie Holmes is the latest big name star to join the BBC project, Woman in Gold. Katie will be playing the on screen wife of Ryan Reynolds in the World War II based picture. Holmes’ isn’t getting a massive starring role in the film but she will have some serious screen time alongside other big… Read more »

‘Watch Dogs’ For PC Getting Patched Soon

watch_dogs- patch coming

The Watch Dogs launch this Tuesday has been a huge success for the most part. One report after another has said that Watch Dogs is one of the better looking games out on the market. There has been one drawback to the Watch Dogs launch and that is the PC version of the game. While… Read more »

Emma Watson Officially A Brown University Graduate

emma watson graduates Brown

Emma Watson isn’t just a pretty face. Now, the actress better known as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films has an Ivy League degree to go with her steadily growing acting and modeling careers. Emma Watson graduated on Sunday from Brown University along with 2,000 classmates. Watson tweeted a picture of herself wearing a… Read more »

Clayton Kershaw Returns To Form In Most Recent Start

Clayton Kershaw back to form

As Clayton Kershaw goes, so goes the Dodgers. This is a fact in Los Angeles, and its why fans of the team are heartened by the ace pitcher’s latest outing. Having returned from the disabled list just a few weeks ago, Clayton Kershaw had been awful in his first start. On Friday night, Kershaw seemed… Read more »

‘Hyrule Warriors’ First Screenshots, Game Details Hit Web


Hyrule Warriors, the Dynasty Warriors spinoff with the Legend of Zelda theme is due to hit stores in Japan in the next few months. While release dates for Hyrule Warriors in the United States and North America aren’t known yet, it stands to reason the Wii U exclusive will be coming to the US sometime… Read more »