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Nathan is a veteran of the newspaper industry, having worked at both daily and weekly papers and as a trade magazine editor. He has covered New York state and national politics, government, education and the business sector and was nominated for the National Newspaper Association's 2012 Better Newspaper Contest. Aside from his work in journalism, Nathan is also a contributor to several financial and business-related blogs. Email:

ISIS Plotting To Blow Up Bridge Over Mississippi River, FBI Warns

ISIS Plotting To Blow Up Bridge Over Mississippi River, FBI Warns

ISIS reportedly wants to blow up a bridge spanning the Mississippi River in what would be the first major strike within the United States for the Islamic militant group. The FBI uncovered plans for the terrorist attack on the Memphis & Arkansas Bridge, which connects Tennessee and Arkansas, and passed along the warning to local… Read more »

BitTorrent Offers To Distribute ‘The Interview’ Online For Sony

BitTorrent Offers To Distribute 'The Interview' For Sony

The Interview may get shown after all. After Sony Pictures Entertainment announced that a threat from a shadowy hacking group would cause the movie to be shelved, the online site BitTorrent has stepped up and offered to release it online. Sony’s move to scrap the release of The Interview after the threat from hackers —… Read more »