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Nathan is a veteran of the newspaper industry, having worked at both daily and weekly papers and as a trade magazine editor. He has covered New York state and national politics, government, education and the business sector and was nominated for the National Newspaper Association's 2012 Better Newspaper Contest. Aside from his work in journalism, Nathan is also a contributor to several financial and business-related blogs. Email:

Johnny Manziel Raises Middle Finger To Opponents During Preseason Loss

redskins cahsed manziel all night

Johnny Manziel let his frustration get the best of him on Monday night against the Washington Redskins when he responded to his opponents’ heckling by raising his right hand and giving the middle finger. Manziel was jogging to the sidelines in the third quarter after an incomplete pass when several Redskins players began to trash… Read more »

WWE News: Roman Reigns Could Make Leap To Superstardom At SummerSlam

WWE News: Roman Reigns Could Make Leap To Superstardom At SummerSlam

The WWE news could be very good for Roman Reigns, who has been taking baby steps toward superstardom and might now be poised to take a big leap forward. Reigns has the chance be one of the biggest players at Sunday’s SummerSlam pay-per-view event, taking on Randy Orton in a highly anticipated matchup. Many believe… Read more »

Courtney Love Admits She Lost $27 Million Of Kurt Cobain’s Money

courtney and kurt

Courtney Love says she lost $27 million of Kurt Cobain’s money through various lawsuits, but said she doesn’t feel bad and has decided to “let it go.” Love made the admission in an interview with the UK’s Sunday Times. The former Hole singer said she blew through the fortune mostly by settling lawsuits. “I lost… Read more »