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Kim LaCapria is a New York-based writer, and has been writing full-time for Inquisitr since May of 2009, covering trending news, social media, technology, health and an assortment of other topics. Prior to her work writing and editing for the Inquisitr, she worked in the luxury spa and skincare industry, both on the marketing and development side and in the field as a makeup artist and esthetician. In addition to her work at the Inquisitr, Kim has contributed to several other sites, mainly in the beauty and lifestyle realm. You can find Kim on Pinterest and Facebook (and rarely on Twitter), or reach her via email at []

The Halloween ‘Obese’ Letter Most Likely A Hoax

halloween obese letter

The missive dubbed the “Halloween obese letter” in internet parlance — concerning an alleged resident of the near-Fargo area named “Cheryl” and her sneering distaste of kids she claimed are too fat too trick or treat — became a viral sensation yesterday across the web. The Inquisitr covered the “Halloween obese letter” tale both here… Read more »

Save The Elves! Iceland Residents Worry About Elf Habitats

iceland elves study

In Iceland, elves aren’t just part of fairy tales and Christmas lore — and a new movement of environmental protection activity seems to hinge largely on elf habitats as they relate to development, and fear of upsetting the elf populations. No, we’re not kidding, but linguistic differences make the Iceland elves thing a bit trickier… Read more »

Secret Monopoly Floor Found Under Old Carpet, Redditor Claims

secret monopoly floor

Have you guys seen the secret Monopoly floor one Reddit user reports was found long forgotten under an old carpet? When we saw the secret Monopoly floor story, we couldn’t help but think of those bittersweet dreams everyone has where they find a really cool hidden room or forgotten pool in their house, only to… Read more »

Hold Up! Pixie Haircut Mania Hits, Proceed With Caution

pixie haircut 2013

The pixie haircut is having a moment right now, with many celebs opting to embrace the all or nothing style — one which has a high margin of error. A pixie cut looks amazing on some people and… less fortunate on others, and even if you sweep your hair back or up, it’s hard to… Read more »

McDonald’s Bagged Coffee At Home? Coming Soon

mcdonald's bagged coffee

News that McDonald’s bagged coffee will be sold in stores was announced this week — which is a bit unexpected, since it seems the biggest selling point of McDonald’s coffee is the fact that someone else made it for you and you don’t have to brew it or wash the cup. McDonald’s bagged coffee will… Read more »

E-Cigarettes Don’t Lead To Smoking, Study Finds

e-cigarettes study 2013

A new study on e-cigarettes examined the possibility that electronic cigarette use will lead to smoking — and determined that there is no indication use of smokeless tobacco alternatives will be a risk factor for future deadly habits. The e-cigarette study was contrasted with a Centers For Disease Control and Prevention report in September, which… Read more »

Mitt Romney Slams Obamacare On Facebook, Speaking As Plan’s Inventor

Mitt Romney 47 percent

Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts who failed to unseat Barack Obama in the 2012 election, has a unique perspective for criticism of Obamacare — his administration implemented a model closely matching the ACA in that state in 2006. Romney’s plan worked well for Massachusetts, with 98 to 99 percent of state residents insured… Read more »

Camille Grammer Gets Restraining Order, Tweets About Alleged Domestic Violence

camille grammer abuse

Camille Grammer, former wife of star Kelsey Grammer, has requested a restraining order against boyfriend Dimitri Charalambopoulos. Grammer was granted the injunction for an incident that allegedly occurred on October 16 in a Texas hotel room, and TMZ obtained court documents detailing the alleged assault. According to TMZ, Camille and Charalambopoulous were guests in the… Read more »

Guy Fieri, Hairdresser Have Knock Down Drag Out [NSFW Video]

guy fieri fight

TV chef Guy Fieri is having a hassle plagued week — first testifying in court about his stolen yellow Lamborghini, and then “brawling” with his hairdresser in front of waiting cameramen. To be fair, if Fieri should be mad at anyone, we believe an excellent case for the recipient of his frustration to indeed be… Read more »

Mom Sings To Baby, Baby Cries Happy Tears [Video]

mom sings to baby 2013

Did you see this adorable viral video of a mom singing to her baby, as the baby cries like a taken-aback American Idol judge? In fact, the “mom sings to baby” video definitely has American Idol flavor — as the mom performs a stage-worthy rendition of Rod Stewart’s “My Heart Can’t Tell You No.” Ontario… Read more »

Alyssa Milano Jokes About ‘Charmed’ Reboot

alyssa milano jokes about charmed

Star Alyssa Milano was displeased this week when it was announced her TV hit Charmed was up for a “reboot” already… because frankly, we didn’t even know it wasn’t still on in the first place. Milano wasn’t the only Charmed star to object to the decision to plumb the show’s popularity for a near-immediate redux…. Read more »

About Those Obamacare Cancellation Letters

Obamacare model

Obamacare cancellation letters are in the news today, after a scathing report by NBC rapidly made its way across the blogosphere and into other mainstream outlets. According to the shocking Obamacare cancellation letters report, millions of Americans previously told they’d be able to keep their coverage as the ACA kicked in received a letter from… Read more »

Kelly Osbourne Sorry For Shunning Lady Gaga’s Birthday Gesture

kelly osbourne lady gaga apology

The feud between Kelly Osbourne and Lady Gaga took a public turn on Twitter this week, with the former calling out her pop star rival after the eccentric singer presented Sharon Osbourne with a birthday cake for Kelly. While the younger (and elder) Osbourne woman is not shy about making her opinions known about anyone,… Read more »

Betsy McCaughey Talks Obamacare On ‘The View’ [Video]

Obamacare health co-ops may be falling apart

Did you catch Betsy McCaughey on this morning’s The View, talking as a “health policy expert” on the Obamacare plan and its ongoing implementation? While McCaughey’s status as “expert” in policy is shaky, her link with and interest in Obamacare is long-running. In fact, the former New York State Lt. Governor under former Gov. Pataki… Read more »

Mom Shames Pumpkin Thief In Hilarious Sign

pumpkin thief sign funny

A Washington, DC mom didn’t mince words when a pumpkin thief put a damper on her son’s second Halloween. From the sign alone we can deduce that Becky Reina was displeased when her toddler son’s pumpkin, likely carved like the ones displayed beside the sign, was taken by a brazen jack-o-lantern jacker. All parents are… Read more »

Guy Fieri On The Stand Over Stolen Lamborghini

Guy Fieri restaurant

TV chef Guy Fieri was on the stand this week — over the incident during which is Lamborghini was stolen in 2011. Fieri is known for his bleached ‘do and Food Network hit Diners, Drive-Ins, And Dives, but Monday he played the part of Joe Public — and left his flamboyant personality behind to do… Read more »

Facebook Giraffe Update: Anonymous Behind Meme And Planning Attack?

giraffe picture facebook 2013

Today’s viral Facebook giraffe riddle game has been sweeping the social network — and along with it, a rumor than Anonymous somehow created the meme in a weird attempt to hack everyone. The Anonymous Facebook giraffe rumor is one of the dumbest we’ve heard in a long time. After all, Anonymous has recently been linked… Read more »

Facebook’s Giraffe Picture Meme Game Explained [Spoilers!]

giraffe picture facebook 2013

If you’ve seen the giraffe picture meme circulating Facebook, or just a lot of people who have updated their profile images to feature a giraffe, you may be wondering why the sudden trend. Is the giraffe picture some sort of inside joke? An awareness thing? Did a famous giraffe die somewhere in the world, only… Read more »

Give Condoms To Kids, American Association Of Pediatrics Advises

condoms AAP pediatrics

The presence of condoms — and to some degree, science-based sex education — can be controversial in some school districts. But one notable medical authority believes condoms should be cheap and readily available to teens for public health reasons. The American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) often issues and revises recommendations on best practices for pediatric… Read more »

Chris Brown Charged With Felony Assault [Video]

Chris Brown: Jay Z Stabs Somebody, Yet I'm Vilified Like Trayvon Martin Due To Racism

Singer Chris Brown has been charged with felony assault in Washington DC. It seems whenever Brown’s name pops up in the mainstream news, tales of a poorly controlled temper are not far behind — and if accounts of the singer’s latest problem are accurate, that may again be the case. The incident involving the “Forever”… Read more »

Why Did Julianne Hough Not Get The Blackface Memo?

Julianne Hough Dons Blackface

The controversy surrounding Julianne Hough’s blackface costume for Halloween seems mainly shocking in the sense that a star seems to have been wholly unaware of the massive stigma and taboo surrounding the buried tradition — and as she apologizes again, we have to wonder how on Earth she was so ignorant of the cultural perception… Read more »

Bitstrips Backlash Begins, And You Can Block The Comics From Facebook

bitstrips annoying

By now, everyone knows Bitstrips, those ubiquitous personalized comics currently taking over Facebook feeds across the universe. Bitstrips comics are the ones in which friends will take a (usually quite idealized) “avatar” of themselves and place it into a mundane or otherwise all over the feed scenario (since only a few come out each day.)… Read more »

Crazy Ants Invade US, Will Be Expensive And Time Consuming

Crazy Ants Causing Damage As They Move Across The South, Now Threaten NASA

The crazy ants problem has finally spread to the US, and these aren’t just the sort that take residence in your kitchen and make life difficult and ant-covered. The crazy ants are also not of the sort that forward unverified scary stories on Facebook and clog your inbox — these are an even scarier type… Read more »

Lou Reed’s Cause Of Death Disclosed

lou reed cause of death

The music world was rocked by the loss of Lou Reed yesterday, as the rock legend passed away in New York — with details like Reed’s cause of death secondary to the massive mourning in media, social and standard. Lou Reed was one of the talents that not only shaped the rock scene of the… Read more »

Is Polyamory The New Same-Sex Marriage?

Gay couple married in Oklahoma, through tribal law

The subject of polyamory is having a bit of a cultural tipping point, with several soft entry points in media slowly adding the open practice of what the polyamorous call “consensual non-monogamy” penetrating the pop-culture bubble after decades “in the closet.” Polyamory used to be a little-understood subject, but a series this month on… Read more »

Bitstrips Is Down For Server Maintenance, Thanks A Lot, Facebook!

bitstrips down

Bitstrips’ app is down, and it’s not just your device or Facebook account, the company confirms. As The Inquisitr reported earlier, the Bitstrips app has taken the social web by storm this week, though the customizable comics featuring your own avatars are nowhere near new. Bitstrips definitely hit a tipping point this week — and… Read more »

NC Republican Don Yelton Admits Voter ID Laws Intend To Suppress Vote

Justice Department Sues North Carolina Over Controversial Laws

North Carolina Republican Don Yelton was stunningly honest about the true intent of voter ID laws in his state and many others during a Daily Show appearance last night — confirming the claims of opponents who say the laws are actually a bid to suppress voters. GOP executive committee member Don Yelton dispensed with the… Read more »

Tom Cruise Had Scientology Girlfriend ‘Auditions,’ NY Post Claims

tom cruise girlfriend auditions

Tom Cruise is the subject of new and scary Scientology claims in a scathing New York Post article — claiming that girlfriends were “auditioned” for the unlucky in love actor in the mid 2000s. While Tom Cruise’s love life is often tabloid fodder, the paper claims that the actor’s then gal pal was heartbroken by… Read more »

Russell Brand Says Don’t Bother Voting, Revolt [Video]

GQ Men of the Year Awards

Comedian Russell Brand isn’t shy about politically controversial stances, and while he may be of an unusual opinion, he also has a firm, but polite, way of stating his views that makes them quite palatable. In recent years, Russell Brand has been vocal on certain issues such as drug addiction and rehabilitation, and the comic… Read more »

Morgan Freeman Finds Tea Party Crazy, Says They Can ‘Move Out’

morgan freeman tea party

Actor Morgan Freeman blasted the Tea Party in a Wednesday interview, calling the increasingly unpopular conservative caucus “strange” and describing what the interviewer calls “craziness” emanating from the fringe GOP wing. Morgan Freeman sat down with The Daily Beast, discussing in part the current political climate — and the site notes that the 76-year-old star… Read more »