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Kim LaCapria is a New York-based writer, and has been writing full-time for Inquisitr since May of 2009, covering trending news, social media, technology, health and an assortment of other topics. Prior to her work writing and editing for the Inquisitr, she worked in the luxury spa and skincare industry, both on the marketing and development side and in the field as a makeup artist and esthetician. In addition to her work at the Inquisitr, Kim has contributed to several other sites, mainly in the beauty and lifestyle realm. You can find Kim on Pinterest and Facebook (and rarely on Twitter), or reach her via email at []

Ugly Feminists Freak Out Over #FeministsAreUgly Hashtag

feminists are ugly twitter

This summer is the summer of trolling feminists on Twitter, with today’s #feministsareugly hashtag trend causing a significant number of users to take the bait. Before #FeministsAreUgly began to trend, several other anti-feminist hashtags blew up this summer. One was a sort of broad, cross-platform #IDontNeedFeminism meme among women who felt feminism was harmful, unnecessary,… Read more »

Brooklyn Jogger Finds Apparent Skeleton Decked Out In Nets Gear

brooklyn nets skeleton found

A bizarre and unexpected skeleton “display” found by a local resident in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park has prompted police to investigate the origin of the strange finding (clad in a Brooklyn Nets jersey) and whether the woman indeed discovered previously unearthed human remains. The potentially grim discovery was made by a jogger, Kate Steciw, who seems… Read more »

Bedbugs Found On N Train In NYC, Everybody Panic!

bedbugs invade the nyc n train

Bedbugs have been a steadily growing horror in densely populated areas like New York City, so today’s news that some cars on the N line have been taken out of service due to the hardy and terrifying creatures is (as you can imagine) not very well received. Anyone who has battled a bedbug infestation knows… Read more »

Wanted Man Taunts Cops On Their Facebook Page, Guess What Happened?

anne arundel facebook

A fugitive in Maryland was featured on a local police Facebook page as a part of the department’s “Wanted Wednesdays,” telling cops they’d never catch him and complaining that putting him on social media blast was harassing to his family. The man, Roger Ray Ireland, was the subject of what is a growing trend in… Read more »

OC Porcelain Dolls Are Real Life Creepypasta, Parents Terrified

oc country porcelain dolls

In what is probably the creepiest story we’ve heard all week, a whole bunch of families in a California town found porcelain dolls that looked eerily like their daughters… and of course, the internet’s imagination went crazy. The porcelain dolls, even more scarily, were left anonymously on porches and stoops, so just imagine for a… Read more »

Women Against Feminism Goes Viral, Rips Into Straw Feminists

women against feminism misogyny

A newly popular Facebook page, Women Against Feminism (and a complementary hashtag, #WomenAgainstFeminism), is an adorably earnest if horribly misguided social media phenomenon this week that is at best out of the loop, and at worst, dishonest and horribly misogynist. In case you missed it, the Women Against Feminism thing has been going on for… Read more »

Sad Jack White Meme Now Totally A Thing

sad jack white cubs game

For some reason Jack White is everywhere this week, covering Lorde’s “Royals,” showing up at baseball games needing a hug, playing historically long concerts. If you’ve seen the “sad Jack White” meme but lack the context, apparently the star was spotted looking less than thrilled during a recent Chicago Cubs game, context unknown, though probably… Read more »

Algerian Plane Carrying 116 Disappears From Radar, Crashes

algerian air algerie crash 2014

An Air Algerie plane flying from Algeria to Burkina Faso disappeared over Mali and likely crashed, officials have confirmed in a currently unfolding situation. The Air Algerie plane was carrying 100 passengers and 16 crew members, and is the third passenger plane to crash in the past week. An initial report from Gawker gives a… Read more »

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) Opens Up In Reddit AMA

reddit dwayne johnson the rock

Over on Reddit, Dwayne Johnson — also known as “The Rock” — is doing a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), and the star opened up about sensitive topics like his career aspirations as well as the loss of Paul Walker late last year. Reddit AMAs are a great way for stars and fans to connect… Read more »

Reddit Announces ‘Reddit Live’ For Breaking News And Stuff

reddit statutory rape

Today, Reddit announced a new feature called “Reddit Live,” aimed at de-kludging the useful service during high-activity periods, it looks like. Reddit Live is a Reddit feature meant to streamline the real-time addition to comment threads. As Reddit grows in popularity and relevance, one of the most common complaints from newer users stems from its… Read more »

This ‘Better Call Saul’ Billboard Is Interactive, Has Clues

james mcgill call saul billboard

As Breaking Bad fans await the release of Better Call Saul, an in-universe prequel centering around the sometimes show stealing Saul Goodman (in turn played by Bob Odenkirk, wonderfully) a new billboard has appeared offering some recognizable clues to the character’s history. In the overall Breaking Bad narrative, Goodman was a crucial support character to… Read more »

Watch Jack White Cover Lorde’s ‘Royals’ And Die Sighing

jack white lorde royals video

Jack White, who has a proven history of making every cover magical no matter what, did a version of Lorde’s “Royals” earlier this week — and like, it’s almost impossible to come by a clip of this fantastic, amazing nonsense. Putting aside Jack White being basically a man who possesses God-like powers, with capabilities to… Read more »

Ted Nugent Dumped By Indian Tribe For Being Racist And Awful

Ted Nugent apologizes for calling the president a subhuman mongrel

Controversial rocker Ted Nugent has a bit more free time this summer, as Idaho’s Coeur d’Alene Tribe has canceled his scheduled August 4 performance at their venue. Nugent, noted draft dodger and National Rifle Association proponent, was dumped by the Coeur d’Alene Tribe this week, after the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)’s Hatewatch project got… Read more »

Ben Stein, Potential Sugar Baby Have Page Six Fight

ben stein sexting scandal

Former speechwriter for President Richard Nixon and iconically-voiced celebrity Ben Stein recently wrote a bizarre and rambling column about President Obama and Stein’s interest in younger, poorer women — and one of the two women about whom he wrote has decided to release the content of their communications to Page Six. As far as sexting… Read more »

International AIDS Society Stunned After MH17 Tragedy Hits Home

AIDS malaysia crash #AIDS2014

As news of the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (or MH17) began to break, many unexpected threads to the tragedy emerged — among them, reports that scores of AIDS researchers were traveling to the annual International AIDS Society conference in Australia. When the dust cleared, it seemed that initial losses of AIDS researchers were… Read more »

Market Basket Employees Protest CEO Ouster, Amazing Pics Result

save market basket arthur t.

You can be forgiven for not knowing regional supermarket chain Market Basket is undergoing some upper-level shakeups — resulting in the clearly displeasing ouster of a CEO called “Arthur T.” by employees — but you should see what’s going on in a company that is clearly no longer going to accept this scenario. In this… Read more »

Casey Kasem’s Body Is ‘Missing,’ Report Suggests

casey-kasem_dead at 82

As The Inquisitr detailed yesterday, the body of Casey Kasem is missing, reports indicate, making what was a strange end of life tale and bizarre legal battle even odder. Our post on Kasem’s body yesterday delved into many of the legal disputes and general mysteries surrounding the star’s unusual postmortem situation, which was in turn… Read more »

Saggy Pants Now Illegal By Florida Ordinance

saggy pants crime ocala

You may find saggy pants to be a sartorial offense, but should they be a real crime? In at least one Florida jurisdiction, a new ordinance will allow for official redress of lower waistlines, local news sources report. The saggy pants ban in Ocala isn’t just an idle threat. In fact, some very real consequences… Read more »

Russia Today Correspondent Quits Over Malaysia Airlines ‘Lies’

sara firth quits rt over lies and propaganda

London-based Russia Today correspondent Sara Firth has publicly resigned from her job with the network, making a series of serious allegations about the outlet’s integrity on her way out. Firth was candid in a tweet sent about her decision, saying first: I resigned from RT today. I have huge respect for many in the team,… Read more »

Breaking: Top AIDS Researchers Reportedly Killed In MH17 Crash

World War 3: Malaysia Plane Shot Down In Ukraine, Sparking Fears Of Global Conflict

The crash of MH17, a Malaysia Airlines plane out of Amsterdam, is believed to have claimed the lives of 295 crew members and passengers — several of whom are thought to have been leading experts heading to an AIDS conference. The ill-fated Malaysia Airlines flight was scheduled to stop in Melbourne, Australia, where an AIDS… Read more »

Jason Biggs Makes Plane Crash Jokes On Twitter, Gets Yelled At

jason biggs malaysian airlines tweet

Actor Jason Biggs has been tweeting about the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, but his humorous approach has drawn cries of “too soon” by fellow users of the social site. Across Twitter, tweets about MH17 are generally sober and express condolences or sadness about the loss of nearly three hundred lives. In a series… Read more »

Report: Vladimir Putin’s Plane Lapped MH17, May Have Been Target


The tragic crash of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 in Ukraine today has sparked a flurry of speculation and some damning theories about how the plane may have been sabotaged, and RT published a report suggesting that Vladimir Putin may have been the target if a missile strike downed the craft. Early information has suggested one… Read more »

Broadway Legend Elaine Stritch Dead At 89

Elaine Stritch Dead at 89

Broadway legend Elaine Stritch has died today at the age of 89. While theater stars often are lesser known in pop culture, even midwestern TV fans may remember Elaine Stritch for a memorable role on one of the modern era’s most popular sitcoms, 30 Rock. On it, Stritch portrayed the mother of Alec Baldwin‘s Jack… Read more »

IDF Soldier Does Illegal Reddit AMA

reddit IDF AMA israeli soldier

Reddit’s “AMA” threads (Ask Me Anything) range from the mundane to the fascinating — and a current Reddit AMA from an IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) soldier is technically illegal but very interesting. The thread is titled “Iama IDF (Israeli) solider. Ready to talk about my opinions and the way we deal with Gaza. Please, ama.”… Read more »

Facebook Again Blamed For Divorces In New Study

facebook divorce study new

It seems like incrementally studies are released citing Facebook as a cause of divorce, and the same old question kicks up… is Facebook harming marriages all by itself, or is it the conduit by which marriages fall apart after existing problems become highlighted? As early as 2009, Facebook divorce stats were cited, and by December… Read more »

Liberal? Conservative? Blame Your Brain, Research Says

Barack Obama, Rick Perry meet to discuss the border crisis.

As America appears to become ever more polarized, liberal and conservative people alike tend to caucus and “other” their ideological opponents — and while there is an argument to be made that we’re all Uncle Sam’s children, science also seems to have a growing body of evidence to prove that our fundamental differences might be…… Read more »

Woman Who Accused Conor Oberst Of Rape Retracts Claim

conor oberst rape accuser

Late last year, in the comments section of an XOJane article, indie rock star Conor Oberst was accused of rape by an anonymous woman — and while the claim was not supported by any evidence, it gained significant traction across the internet and is said to have affected the musician’s sales significantly. Conor Oberst was… Read more »

A Third Of Alzheimer’s Cases Could Be Prevented, Research Suggests

alzheimer's study prevention

New research into the medical puzzle that is Alzheimer’s Disease has yielded a compelling result — while curing the terrifying condition remains out of reach, prevention may be possible in one-third of future diagnoses. While research into the causes and risk factors of Alzheimer’s has heretofore been bereft of meaningful advice, it appears that the… Read more »