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Kim grew up in a very small town in mid-Michigan where she attended The University of Michigan and double majored in English and Communications. After graduation, she married and moved to northern California. She enjoys being a full-time mom to her 2 year old daughter and her 6 year old dog, Sophie, a boston terrier. In her spare time she enjoys reading, cross stitching, and baking. Email:

New Bug Based Flu Vaccine Approved By FDA

New bug-based flu vaccine approved.

During this years flu epidemic, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced a new flu vaccine called Flublok, which is an insect-based vaccine. Flublok is the first vaccine made by injecting flu genes into an insect virus and growing it in caterpillar cells. Flublok is manufactured by Protein Sciences. The company’s president and CEO,… Read more »

FDA Wants Stricter All-Metal Hip Implant Regulations

FDA to place tougher restrictions on all-metal hip replacements.

The FDA, Food and Drug Administration, says all-metal hip implants can cause soft-tissue damage and pain by shredding metal components when walking or running. All-metal hip implants were made to last longer than traditional implants, which are made from ceramic or a metal ball with plastic socket. The all-metal hip implants have a metal ball… Read more »

Ski Slope Turns Yellow After Ski Resort Uses Wastewater To Make Snow

Arizona ski resort's slopes tinged yellow.

Arizona ski resort becomes the first in the world to make artificial snow out of sewage. Unfortunately, this “green” snow has come out looking yellowish. Arizona Snowbowl, in northern Arizona, wanted to make snow using reclaimed wastewater to save energy and ease water shortages. J. R. Murray, Snowbowl’s manager, said the problem was likely from… Read more »

Vaccine Schedule Is Safe For Children, Experts Say

Experts say vaccine timetable is safe for children.

Scientists at the Institute of Medicine, IOM, say that there is no evidence that following the recommended vaccine timetable causes problems like autism or asthma in children. Currently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend 24 vaccines by the time a child is two. As many as five vaccines are given per doctors… Read more »

New York Bus Drivers Go On Strike

New York City's bus drivers go on strike.

More than 8,000 New York City school bus drivers went on strike Wednesday morning, leaving 152,000 children, many who are disabled, struggling to get to school. Bus drivers and and bus matrons, who help students on and off the bus, began picketing Wednesday morning. Children shared hailed taxis, boarded subways, and shared car rides. Parents… Read more »

Brazillian Waxes Are Endangering Pubic Lice

Pubic lice endangered by Brazilian waxes

Pubic lice, more commonly known as crabs, are becoming an endangered species due to the Brazilian waxing and other forms of hair removal, doctors say. Pubic lice are tiny insects that lay eggs in pubic hair. Pubic lice cause itchy skin reactions and infections. Female lice only need to mate once to be fertile for… Read more »

The Twitter Diet, Social Media May Help With Weight-loss

Twitter helps with weight-loss

There have been thousands of diets like the cabbage soup diet, the Atkins diet, or the Palm Beach diet. The newest diet to emerge is the Twitter diet. A new study found that participants who used Twitter as part of a mobile weight-loss plan lost more weight than those who did not use Twitter or… Read more »

Fast Food Linked To Asthma, Allergies, And Eczema In Children

Asthama, allergies, and eczema linked to fast food.

Could eating junk food be causing your children’s asthma, allergies, and eczema worse? Yes, it could, researchers say. In a new study published in the journal Thorax, researchers found that teens who ate the most fast food were 39 percent more likely to have severe asthma. The younger children who at the most fast food… Read more »

Doctors Fear Gonorrhea Is Becoming Incurrable

Doctors fear gonorrhea may become

The last remaining oral treatment of gonorrhea failed to cure nearly seven percent of patients at a clinic in Toronto Canada. The study causes researchers to fear gonorrhea may become untreatable. A Canadian study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Associations, says this is the first time a strain that is resistant to… Read more »

2012 The Worst Year For Whooping Cough Since 1955

Whooping Cough Cases Worst in six decades

The US has suffered the worst year for whooping cough since 1955 according to preliminary government figures. Whooping cough rises and falls in multi-year cycles. 2012 was the worst year in five decades peaking with 41,880 cases. One of the factors as to why there were so many cases of whooping cough last year is… Read more »

Volanoes May Erupt More Due To Climate Change

Climate change may increase volcanic activity

A new study published in the journal Geology suggests the rapid rise in sea levels might cause a dramatic increase in volcano eruptions. Scientists studied periods of rapid climate change over the last million years. They found that, when continental glaciers rapidly melted, it caused the sea-level to rise and eventually increased volcanic eruptions. The… Read more »

Indiana Hospital Fires 8 Workers Who Refused Flu Vaccine

8 hospital workers fired for refusing flu shot

Goshen, IN – A hospital in Indiana has fired eight workers including three veteran nurses who refused mandatory flu shots. IU Health Goshen Hospital created a new policy requiring it’s staff, affiliated physicians, volunteers, and vendors to get the flu shot back in September. The new policy was created to protect patients from the illness…. Read more »

Corn Syrup Might Be Contributing to Obesity By Increasing Hunger, Study Finds

Study finds high fructose corn syrup increses appetite.

A new study finds that types of sugar that is used in sodas and many types of foods is increasing people’s appetites and therefore causing obesity. Researchers at Yale University conducted a new study using bran scans of people that ingested high-fructose corn syrup. They found that fructose affected the region that regulates appetite, suggesting… Read more »