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Florida Governor Rick Scott Refuses To Implement ObamaCare, Cites Expense

Rick Scott Refuses To Adopt ObamaCare

Although the Supreme Court upheld the controversial Affordable Care Act also known as ObamaCare last week, Florida governor Rick Scott announced that the state of Florida will not implement the new federal health care law, citing bad policy and increased expenses. Lane Wright, a spokesperson for Rick Scott, announced to the press on MSNBC last… Read more »

Supreme Court Upholds Health Care Reform, Responses Mixed

Supreme Court Upholds Health Care Reform

In a historic decision today, the Supreme Court upheld a critical piece of the health care reform President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. The piece of health care reform, which is also commonly referred to as “ObamaCare,” requires all Americans to acquire health insurance. The decision also upholds an individual tax mandate for individuals who do… Read more »

Pre-diabetes Linked To Future Risk of Stroke [Study]

Stem Cell Research May Help Scientists Find Alternative Diabetes Treatment

Individuals with pre-diabetes may be at an increased risk for stroke in the future, says a new study published in the June 16, 2012 issue of the British Medical Journal. According to the American Diabetes Association, pre-diabetes is a precursor to type 2 diabetes in which the levels of glucose in the blood (blood sugar)… Read more »

Premature Birth Rates On The Rise Worldwide

Premature Birth Rates On The Rise Worldwide

Being born prematurely increases a baby’s risk for a plethora of health problems including death for which premature birth is the second leading direct cause of in children under five years old. Unfortunately, premature birth rates have continued to increase throughout the world, says a new article published in The Lancet. According to recorded birth… Read more »

Uterine Rupture Risk Increased With Multiple Cesarean Sections

Uterine Rupture Risk Increased With Multiple Cesarean Sections

Aside from the inherent risks associated with the major surgery, pregnant women have another reason to avoid cesarean sections when possible: A recent study as published in the journal PLoS Medicine concludes that the risk of uterine rupture is increased for women who have had multiple cesarean births. Uterine rupture is a serious medical complication… Read more »

Publix Recall: Beef Stew Mix May Contain Undeclared Milk

Publix Beef Stew Mix Recall

McCormick Company, Inc. in conjunction with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a recall on Publix Beef Stew Mix on March 9, 2012 due to a packaging error. The Publix brand of beef stew seasoning is being voluntarily recalled because the mix may have been switched with a brown gravy mix that contain milk…. Read more »