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Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, I started writing in High School, though I was never serious about it until years later working overnight at a health and fitness resort when I took an online course in Creative Writing to refine my skills in putting my near-limitless imagination in a format that others can see. I have been writing fiction and blogs ever since, and have several short stories available on Amazon Kindle, and an Author Blog on Weebly. Email: David@inquisitr.com

Zoe Saldana Nude For ‘Women’s Health UK’


Zoe Saldana is nude for the Women’s Health UK‘s “Naked issue” in an effort to show off what she has before her age and pregnancy begin to catch up with her. The American actress of Dominican-Puerto Rican origin is apparently going for all of the gusto she can get, while sending a message to other… Read more »

Comic-Con Harassment: Are Activists Taking The Protests Too Far?

Comic-Con harassment targeted by Geeks for CONsent

Comic-Con harassment has become a real issue, and Geeks for CONsent is determined to stop it. The problem is that their methods, although noble, might not make much difference without taking freedoms away from attendees. Some female Comic-Con cosplayers have expressed discomfort at the four-day event, claiming that throughout the day they are groped, followed… Read more »

‘Sinister Six’ Release Date Announced Along With Other Films At SDCC

'Sinister Six' release date announced alongside those for 'Amazing Spider-Man 3' and the 'Uncharted' movie

The announcement of the Sinister Six release date at San Diego Comic-Con has put to rest rumors that Sony’s upcoming ambitions are finished. It was previously reported by The Inquisitr that the Sinister Six movie was canceled due to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 being the least profitable film ever in the franchise, but SDCC announcements… Read more »

Jennifer Aniston: Justin Theroux Leaving For Liv Tyler?


Jennifer Aniston is worried that Justin Theroux and Liv Tyler are getting along a little too well. Given her dating history, it isn’t hard to see why. For years, Aniston had been on and off with Brad Pitt, even allegedly getting a little overly attached after he moved on with Angelina Jolie. At least that’s… Read more »

‘Planet Hulk’ Rumors Shot Down: Here’s What Marvel Said

'Planet Hulk' rumors shot down by Marvel and 'Guardians of the Galaxy' director

It’s official: Planet Hulk is not happening, and Marvel head Kevin Feige and director James Gunn have come out to shoot the rumors down once more. Despite Joss Whedon having already denied the film being planned, fans have continued to speculate that Avengers will tie in with the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy through the… Read more »

Rose McGowan Instagram Slam: Michael Jackson Comparison Angers Actress

Rose McGowan Instagram feud starts with comparison to Michael Jackson

Rose McGowan hosted an Instagram slam after fans told her she looks like Michael Jackson in a photo she captioned “Afghanistan.” In the picture she posted, with sunglasses on and baring a big smile, she certainly resembled him in his last days. Of course, in the right circumstances, any celebrity can look like another. McGowan’s… Read more »

Hulkbuster Armor To Debut In ‘Avengers 2’

Iron Man's Hulkbuster armor will debut in 'Avengers 2'

Iron Man’s Hulkbuster armor will see its debut in The Avengers 2, offering possibly more hints about the new origins of Ultron. In the first Avengers, Hulk was basically the team’s secret weapon, though not so secret now. It’s hard to hide a giant green rage monster unless he’s in the form of his alter… Read more »

‘Tekken 7’ Trailer Revealed, What We Found In The Footage [Video]

'Tekken 7' trailer teases revenge against Heihachi

The Tekken 7 trailer has been revealed during EVO 2014, a yearly event for fighting game aficionados to shows their skills for the world to see. Namco and Bandai obviously chose the tournament event due to its importance to the genre, rather than revealing their plans at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Now the world… Read more »