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Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, I started writing in High School, though I was never serious about it until years later working overnight at a health and fitness resort when I took an online course in Creative Writing to refine my skills in putting my near-limitless imagination in a format that others can see. I have been writing fiction and blogs ever since, and have several short stories available on Amazon Kindle, and an Author Blog on Weebly. Email: David@inquisitr.com

‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Gameplay To Feature Superman Cameo?

'Batman: Arkham Knight' gameplay could include Superman

Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay could include an addition to rival the upcoming film. While the film has been the talk of comic book fans everywhere, as Warner Bros. attempts a successful crossover between two characters never seen before in a live action movie, the game may be set to follow its lead. According to recent… Read more »

‘Better Call Saul’ Story Revealed, New Promos Released

'Better Call Saul' story revealed along with new promo trailers

The Better Call Saul story has been revealed. February’s much-awaited Breaking Bad spin-off has officially dropped details about what the show will do with Bob Odenkirk’s character. Odenkirk originally appeared about halfway through Breaking Bad’s five-season run, when Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) needed some legal help, and his character Saul… Read more »

Xbox One Vs PS4: Black Friday Sales Show Xbox Won In 2014

Xbox One vs PS4 Black Friday sales make Microsoft the winner in 2014

The Xbox One vs PS4 console wars have reached their second peak after the first year. According to Black Friday 2014 sales results, the winner was Microsoft. It appears Microsoft did everything they could to move their newest console, including cutting the price by an extra $50 and bundling it with Call of Duty: Advanced… Read more »

Rupert Murdoch To Twitter: ‘Since When Are Egyptians Not White?’

Rupert Murdoch called racist for 'Exodus: Gods and Kings' tweets

Rupert Murdoch faced some Twitter attacks over the casting of Christian Bale as Moses in the upcoming Bible-based film Exodus: Gods and Kings. Fans have been slamming the film, claiming that with Egypt being an African nation, casting mostly white people is racist and inaccurate. Similar uproars have occurred surrounding other films, such as Star… Read more »

‘StarCraft 2’ Championship Disqualifies Player Over Shocking Tweet

'StarCraft 2' championship rape tweet gets player disqualified

An upcoming StarCraft 2 championship is about to proceed without one of its veteran players. A regular, who goes by the online name Kas, has been disqualified for tweeting a message that competition host Fragbite Masters has deemed inappropriate. Messages such as those made by Ukrainian player Mihaylo Hayda tend to be seen in un-moderated… Read more »

‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Cast Rumored For Cyclops, Jean Grey

'X-Men Apocalypse' cast possibilities for Jean Grey and Cyclops

The X-Men: Apocalypse cast may have been partially revealed. Individuals with inside information on 20th Century Fox’s next superhero ensemble have released a list of actors and actresses who may be playing fan-favorite mutants next time. Recast roles have become almost commonplace in Fox’s superhero franchise. In this case it’s mostly due to the characters… Read more »