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Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, I started writing in High School, though I was never serious about it until years later working overnight at a health and fitness resort when I took an online course in Creative Writing to refine my skills in putting my near-limitless imagination in a format that others can see. I have been writing fiction and blogs ever since, and have several short stories available on Amazon Kindle, and an Author Blog on Weebly. Email: David@inquisitr.com

Jean-Claude Van Damme Was The Original ‘Predator’ Monster [Video]

Jean Claude Van Damme 'Predator'

Jean-Claude Van Damme almost made his acting debut as one of the most iconic sci-fi monsters in movie history. Before Kevin Peter Hall was chosen, the “muscles from Brussels” was cast virtually the instant he arrived in the US. He eventually turned down the role. The infamous martial arts actor with the French accent, and… Read more »

‘The Last Of Us’ PS4 Release Date, Further Details Revealed


The Last of Us PS4 release date has been rumored, along with some other details, following the leak of the game’s PS4 port in a banner ad on PSN. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Last of Us PS4 version was accidentally confirmed in an unscheduled pre-order promotion on Sony’s network. The Last of… Read more »

‘Frozen’ Trailer Lawsuit: Disney Denies Stealing From Short Film

'Frozen' trailer lawsuit 'The Snowman'

A recent Frozen trailer lawsuit claims that Disney directly stole the premise of an independent short film to use as a Frozen teaser. Disney is completely denying any wrongdoing. It’s bound to happen. You make a feature length animated movie that sells as well as Disney’s Frozen, and someone on the outside is going to… Read more »

Xbox One Vs PS4: Xbone Backwards Compatible? Microsoft May Be Working On It

Xbox One vs PS4 backwards compatibile

Could Microsoft make the Xbox One backwards compatible? Back when they announced the console in the early days of the Xbox One vs PS4 console wars, they said it wouldn’t happen. The previous Xbox head honcho at Microsoft was quoted as saying, “If you’re backwards compatible, you’re really backwards,” sparking one of the earliest waves… Read more »