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Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, I started writing in High School, though I was never serious about it until years later working overnight at a health and fitness resort when I took an online course in Creative Writing to refine my skills in putting my near-limitless imagination in a format that others can see. I have been writing fiction and blogs ever since, and have several short stories available on Amazon Kindle, and an Author Blog on Weebly. Email: David@inquisitr.com

‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Spoilers: Superman Confirmed By Easter Egg?

'Batman: Arkahm Knight' spoilers: Is Lex Luthor and Superman in the game?

New Batman: Arkham Knight spoilers may have been revealed when a sharp-eyed fan was watching the third Batman: Arkham Knight trailer surrounding Ace Chemicals. In one particular screen grab, you can see something in the background which could easily be confirmation that Superman may be in the game. It hasn’t been confirmed by Rocksteady Games,… Read more »

‘Transformers 5’ News: New Robots, Plot Details Confirmed

transformers 5 is on the way

The Transformers 5 news has been mostly rumors up to this point, but new confirmations have hit. Michael Bay is officially out, content to simply produce the next film. In his place it is said that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles director Jonathan Liebesman will be taking over. This could mean the next movie in the… Read more »

‘Watch Dogs 2’ Gameplay Will Take More Chances, Says Ubisoft

'Watch Dogs 2' gameplay: Ubisoft Montreal says it needs to be riskier

The Watch Dogs 2 gameplay will change rather drastically, according to Ubisoft. Even though the first game succeeded as a fresh new killer IP, the developer says it still had its major flaws. The Inquisitr pointed out in a review roundup that the first Watch Dogs was really a retread of other games we’ve already… Read more »

PS4 Vs Xbox One: Which Had The Worst Console Games In 2014?

PS4 vs Xbox One: These are the worst games of 2014

The PS4 vs Xbox One console war is almost set for a winner this year, and there is almost no better way for console fanboys to determine who won than to take a look at the worst games for each console. Whichever console scores the most games on the list is this year’s definitive loser…. Read more »