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Veena Malik: Bollywood Actress Wants To Find A Sheik Husband In Dubai

Veena Malik: Bollywood Actress Wants To Find A Sheik Husband In Dubai

Veena Malik wants to get married in the next year, and the Bollywood star said she may turn to Dubai to find herself a rich husband.

The Pakistani actress said after a string of failed relationships, she is more than ready to settle down and find a husband. While she doesn’t sound particularly set on any one man, Veena said her beau will likely be a Muslim like her.

“Being independent I do agree that I take my own decision,” she said. “But belonging to Muslim religion I will surely like to get married to a Muslim.”

She added that inter-religious marriages can be a recipe for disaster.

Veena added that she’s had her share of boyfriends, but always ended up finding them unsuitable and ditching them.

“I want a man to be honest and love me wholeheartedly,” Veena said.

Veena has been living in Dubai for several years, and said she may look close to home to find her husband.

“I am keeping my fingers crossed and am all set to tie the knot sometime in 2015,” she said. “Will it be a Sheikh or someone from Dubai? Well, I am not sure myself but yes I am contemplating to get married to a Muslim. I have been living in Dubai for many years now. So could be someone from Dubai.”

Veena almost found her husband in front of millions of viewers. She was set to star in a reality show where she searched for a soul mate among 71,000 entrants, but the channel set to air the show, Imagine TV, shut down before production could begin.

She has said she wants a love-turned-arranged marriage, where her parents must agree with her choice in order to go ahead with the marriage.

Malik has become something of a cross-over hit. Aside from her work in Bollywood, she has branched out into television with a stint on the reality shows Bigg Boss and Big Toss.

Veena Malik has also become one of the most prominent voices for liberal Muslims, and has pointed out the double standard in Pakistani media against women.

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7 Responses to “Veena Malik: Bollywood Actress Wants To Find A Sheik Husband In Dubai”

  1. Anonymous

    Note to her future Husband…..RUN!!!…or atleast have air tight pre-nup if you are rich..which i am sure is most important for Veena…since she is looking for Love…umm right?

  2. Anonymous

    No doubt she's a smokin' hottie. But, by definition gold-diggers are nothing more than prostitutes. And based on her plan to marry a "sheik", apparently she believes her sex/body is ridiculously valuable. Come on guys, NO piece is worth millions, maybe even billions, of dollars! Veena obliviously has an extremely high opinion of herself. If you are rich enough to get her attention, I recommend telling her to get lost. It will be very, very easy for you to find an even hotter (but unknown) lady with honorable intentions, and who is accepting of signing a bullet-proof prenup. I'm certainly very glad I had such a prenup when I went through a divorce last month!

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