Airbus A320: Past Crashes (VIDEO)

The Airbus A320 crash off the coast of France Thursday isn’t the first time an Airbus A320 has been involved in an accident. Here are some past problems and crashes involving Airbus A320 jets.

[Full coverage of Thursday’s Airbus A320 crash is here.]

Air France Flight 296 — June 26, 1988

This Airbus A320-100 skimmed the tops of trees during an airshow in France. The aircraft burst into flames, killing three people.

Indian Airlines Flight 605 — February 14, 1990

Air Inter Flight 148 — January 20, 1992

This Airbus A320-111 hit a high ridge of Mount Sainte-Odile during its final approach into the Strasbourg airport. Eighty-two passengers and five crew members were killed.

Lufthansa Flight 2904 — September 14, 1993

This Airbus A320-211 skid off the runway in Warsaw and slammed into a wall. Seventy people were on-board, but only two died.

Philippine Airlines Flight 137 — March 22, 1998

This Airbus A320-214 overran a runway and crashed at the Bacolod City Domestic Airport. Three people on the ground were killed and many of the passengers on-board were hurt.