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Wally Bayola May Not Return To ‘Eat Bulaga’ Anytime Soon

Wally Bayola May Not Return To 'Eat Bulaga' Anytime Soon

Wally Bayola has a daughter suffering from cancer and is desperate to return to his duties on Eat Bulaga, but the sex tape scandal that has plagued his career may be preventing that.

After Bayola was caught on tape in a tryst with fellow Eat Bulaga star Yosh Rivera, he was forced to take some time away from the noontime comedy show. Though producers have clarified that Wally wasn’t fired from the show, they also have not given a timetable of when he could return.

It may not be anytime soon, sources close to the show say. The show’s advertisers are reportedly wary of his return to the family friendly show, and it still may take more time for the scandal to die down before he can come back.

That doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. There is still the unresolved issue of who leaked the sex tape, with police investigating it as a potential crime. Reports say that Wally has now grown a mustache and grown out his hair so he can go unrecognized in public. He even uses a fake name and changes the pitch of his voice to avoid detection, reports say.

The scandal deepened since the tape’s release. Reports found that Wally and Yosh may have carried on an affair three years ago, causing Bayola’s wife to confront Rivera. Bayola and his wife ultimately repaired their relationship and stayed together.

Wally Bayola once again has his wife in his corner. She has reportedly forgiven Wally and decided to forge on with their marriage, has been in contact with the show’s producers to inform them that Wally is ready to go back to work. The family has been in a difficult financial situation with Wally out of work, as one of their daughters is battling cancer and incurring big hospital bills.

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One Response to “Wally Bayola May Not Return To ‘Eat Bulaga’ Anytime Soon”

  1. Joy Gonzo

    What a jerk! I didnt keep track of story after it surfaced but i hope he feels the the worst possible guilt. He hurt his family publicly and financially. As if the pain of the embarrassment and hurt wasnt enough, now this? I feel deep sympathy for his family. From the begining i said his wife should have left him. Shes beautiful and could find someone who respects her and is better looking than Wally. I can look at a picture of Wally (much less imagine seeing him on tv), I throw up in my mouth. I dont know if its the ugly or what he did! I hope looking in the eyes of his daughter and the empty account makes him feel the very bit guilty!!!!

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