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Woman, 31, Pretends To Be 17 To Seduce 14-Year-Old Boy

Naomi Dixon

A 31-year-old woman from Florida has been arrested, and is facing charges for pretending to be 17 so that she could have sex with a 14-year-old boy.

The pair met at a party where the woman, Naomi Dixon, told the minor that she was only 17, shaving a full 14 years off her real age. According to the police report, Dixon and the boy had sex on the night they met at the party, and then continued a sexual relationship for a short while.

During their relationship, the boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, used to visit Dixon regularly at her home. The boy told the police that Dixon was very possessive, and often when he would try to leave, she become upset and agitated.

On one occasion, he said that when he tried to leave Dixon’s home she choked and strangled him and then made cuts on her arms. He even said that she carved the the initial of his first name into her forearm.

Eventually, the boy revealed the details of the relationship to his parents as he said he grew tired of Dixon forcing him to stay at her home. Dixon is being held on $50,000 bail at the Volusia County Branch Jail.

She will be charged with two counts of lewd battery involving a sex act with a minor.

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26 Responses to “Woman, 31, Pretends To Be 17 To Seduce 14-Year-Old Boy”

  1. Lauren Bloom

    She looks to be in her 30s. Did the boy ever questiin about parents never there? The girl is obviously a deeply desperate person, grown men wouldnt put up with the bs she did so she went after a kid. Better pray she leaves him alone n doesnt say "im pregnant"

  2. Dillion Cameron

    sounds awesome! " She choked and strangled him and cut his arms" so claims this 14 year old boy who is getting sex from a woman. Sounds like a teenagers dream. She isn't sick she just likes young dick. Thats all!

  3. Tracey Walker

    I hate to say it but more and more sickos are coming out of the woodwork. Hang in there cops, your job got harder and disgusting.

  4. Michele Perry

    Only a dumb 14 year old would believe she was 17! She took his innocence and used it for her own twisted pleasure! If i was that boy's parent,I would make damn sure she paid,HEAVY!

  5. Samantha McMillan

    If he was meeting at her house so they could have sex, it would make sense that it was supposed to be at times when her parents weren't home. As for her looks, makeup and clothes can work wonders, and I doubt a 14 year old boy asks as many questions about age as an adult.

  6. Drain Blut

    I envy that kid. No one wanted to come near me when I was a teenager. But it still serves her right. She's way too old to being seeing <20s, and definitely shouldn't have been obsessive about it either. She should have just hit that and moved on. Jailbait is not for repeat business, unless you want a cell next to this idiot.

  7. Travie Andrews

    These heffas are getting outrageous! Ever heard of Starship…dang

  8. Jo Leigh Swieter

    That's just gross. I agree, the parents should be a big part of a 14 year old's life, so they should either be with them or at the very least warn their kids about disgusting people. (Note: I didn''t read the story just the caption)

  9. Kyrsten Taylor

    Yeah… if this happened to my child, the person wouldn't be alive to be arrested.

  10. Daniel Richardson

    She choked and strangled him?.. How, boy must of been super small…me at 14.. lol I would of beat the mess out of her, as soon as she attempted to grab me by my collar , she would have a pumpkin face.. lol, I would of caught the bus and went home

  11. George Ozarowski

    Stupid kid.. Couldnt see good thing when it was comming… (JOKE!! don't slam me!)

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