Cristina Fernandez: Surgery Drilled Into Skull But Argentina's President Is 'Evolving Favorably'

Cristina Fernandez: Surgery Drilled Into Skull But Argentina’s President Is ‘Evolving Favorably’

Cristina Fernandez’s surgery drilled into the Argentina President’s skull and sucked out some fluid.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Cristina Fernandez was once rumored to have thyroid cancer, but apparently the reports were false.

Unfortunately, these reports about Argentine’s President are not false. Cristina Fernandez’s surgery was necessary after suffering a head injury which caused a condition called subdural hematoma to form.

Cristina Fernandez says she was suffering from headaches and numbness. The sensory disorders were being caused by the brain clot expanding pressing on the brain.

So doctors decided the best option would be to drill a hole into her skull and drain some brain fluid in order to release the pressure. Such a surgery is described as “low risk” by experts but Cristina Fernandez’s recovery time will still likely exceed three months.

Representatives for Cristina Fernandez say she’s recovering well after the one hour surgery:

“She’s in very good spirits. She’s greeting everyone. She thanked her medical team, she thanks all of you who are praying for her. She’s in very good spirits, so the next medical report will come at mid-day tomorrow.”

Argentina’s constitution provides for, but does not require, a formal transfer of power in case of health problems. Buenos Aires Governor Daniel Scioli already announced his bid to succeed Cristina Fernandez as President in 2015 but he’s shown no sign of pushing the matter forward. Instead, Scioli said, “If God desires it, she’s going to be back with us very soon, fully functioning.”

[Cristina Fernandez Image via Wikimedia Commons]