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Jackie Chan Dead Set On Posing With Pretty Women At Hauding Awards, Apparently

Jackie Chan Dead Set On Posing With Pretty Women At Hauding Awards, Apparently

Is Jackie Chan dead? No, and he’s been busy lately posing with the ladies at the Huading Awards.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a Jackie Chan death hoax spread all over the internet starting earlier in 2013.

Reports of Jackie Chan dead in 2013 should be safely ignored for the moment. And I do mean “safely” since reports of Jackie Chan’s death are mostly intended to spread viruses and steal personal information. Even a Michael J. Fox death hoax became the subject of morbid fascination starting yesterday.

So, besides not dying, what has Jackie Chan been up to lately? He’s still starring in action films like the Chinese Zodiac, attending martial arts tournaments, and he’s even working on a theme park.

But Jackie Chan’s Huading Awards photos seem to be all on one subject: he likes posing with the pretty ladies. Most of the Jackie Chan photos from the 2013 Huading Awards seem to show him with female K-pop stars like Brown Eyed Girls and Girls’ Generation’s Jessica.

Jackie Chan was even caught strolling down the red carpet hand in hand with Nicole Kidman, who caused quite a stir in China with her racy formal gown. Nicole Kidman was wearing a black dress that barely covered her chest in addition to baring her shoulders and much of her stomach.

Jackie Chan is age 59 and shows no sign of stopping (or falling off buildings as the Jackie Chan death hoax alleges) any time soon.

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