New Jersey Transit Service Resumes, Delays Expected

New Jersey Transit suspended rail service due to signal issues. Service has resumed. However, commuters should expect delays of up to one hour.

Rail passes will be honored on NJ TRANSIT buses, light rail trains, private bus carriers and PATH. Rail service will likely experience delays throughout the day.

As reported by ABC News, the trains were manually moved into stations to clear the rails. It is unclear what caused the issue. However, heavy storms with strong winds have caused numerous issues throughout the city.

On Monday, commuters experienced numerous delays. New Jersey Transit services were suspended on several lines, causing backups at numerous bus stations. Commuters at the Port Authority Terminal experienced delays of up to 45 minutes.

As reported by Pix11, M & E and Montclair services experienced up to 30 minute delays as wires were damaged in the storms.

The fast-moving storms uprooted trees and damaged power lines, leaving nearly 10,000 residents without power.

As reported by WABC, several residents were injured. However, nobody was killed. Resident Tom Western describes the powerful storm:

“It was so windy so fast, I looked out my front window and I couldn’t see 20 feet… It was like a wall of rain, and all the trees were bent over sideways… once we came up from the basement, the area was just like a war zone.”

The weather is expected to be clear through the end of the week. Residents and officials are now tasked with cleaning up the mess.

NJ TRANSIT has repaired the signal issues, and will continue to provide updates when available. Customer service representatives will be available at all stations to provide assistance.

Public transportation throughout the city will likely experience delays throughout the day. The New Jersey Transit lines will continue to cross-honor rail passes until travel is full restored and running on schedule.

[Image via Wikimedia]