Birthday card filled with meth sent to elderly couple

Birthday Card Filled With Meth Sent To Elderly Couple

A birthday card filled with meth was delivered to an elderly couple in Phoenix, raising several questions as authorities responded to a disturbing trend in drug distribution. Most people get a check or a gift card, but this elderly couple got drugs.

The card in question had been sent from Phoenix to Pennsylvania initially, but the address was fake so it was sent back to the return address, which happened to be that of an elderly couple. When the couple, ages 81 and 73, checked their mail and opened the card, they discovered a bag of methamphetamine worth around a thousand dollars, but they didn’t know what it was. They immediately dialed 911, and after an ordeal with the bomb squad it was confirmed to be the drug.

The elderly couple’s names were not released, and it isn’t even certain if it was either of their birthday. Nonetheless, the day’s mail contained a birthday card filled with meth.

Phoenix Police Sergeant Steve Martos said the bomb squad was only there because nobody was sure what the powder was and they were trying to be cautious. He concluded, “Upon further investigation it was determined that this substance was methamphetamine that was sent in the mail to this elderly couple.”

It is common practice for the United States Postal Service and other parcel delivery organizations to be unwillingly involved in drug distribution, as a lot of times packages are sent with no questions asked other than size and weight. It is considered an invasion of privacy to look into the actual contents unless the circumstances appear suspicious or, say, the package is ticking or vibrating.

The elderly couple were scared by the whole situation, never having witnessed anything like it in their 50 plus years living at the residence. They had been hosed down as an added precaution and they didn’t want to be interviewed on camera.

There have been some surprising birthday presents, but a birthday card filled with meth is a whole new level of strange.