Chicago Grandmother

Chicago Granny Bludgeons Baby Granddaughter With Sledgehammer

A 61-year-old Bolingbrook grandma has been arrested and charged with the murder of her six-month-old granddaughter.

Alfreda Giedrojc, originally from Poland, was baby sitting her granddaughter, Vivian Summers, when she woke the child who had been sleeping on her sofa..

She was left to babysit her granddaughter when her her son-in-law and her husband Bill, went to help another family member with some repairs.

Having woken Vivian she allegedly put her on the floor, fetched a sledgehammer which she had left in her closet the night before, and struck the child repeatedly in the head and body.

When the child didn’t die, she then got carving knife from the kitchen. She picked the child up and slit her throat with the knife.

When the woman’s husband and son-in-law returned to the house and discovered the dead baby they contacted the police.

Michael Deno, the assistant Cook County State Attorney, told the Chicago Tribune:

The defendant took the victim off of the couch where she had been sleeping and placed the baby on the floor and retrieved a sledgehammer from her closet, which she had placed there the night before. The defendant then hit the victim repeatedly in the head and body with the sledgehammer. Since the victim was still crying and moving the defendant went into the kitchen and retrieved a large carving knife. The defendant then picked the victim up, held her, and then slit her throat with the knife.

Giedrojc required the help of a Polish translator during her arrest and processing, and is due back in court on October 28. What led the woman to carry out this heinous act, and whether she was in her “right mind” at the time of the murder, has yet to be determined.