Lambeau leap fail: James Jones denied by Lions fan

Lambeau Leap Fail: Packers’ James Jones Denied By Lions Fan [Video]

A Lambeau leap fail? Yes, it happened this weekend during the home game between the local Green Bay Packers and arch enemies Detroit Lions.

But James Jones didn’t give up and when his first leap failed him, he went for another one.

The 83-yard long touchdown was just what the Packers offense needed in an otherwise less than exciting game, which they were leading only thanks to field goals at the time.

So when Jones finally caught one of Aaron Rodgers’ passes in the end zone he had to do the traditional Lambeau leap to celebrate with the local fans.

Unfortunately for him there were also some Detroit Lions fans in the mix, who didn’t take very kindly of Jones jumping in their area so what better than to push off the offender?

“Yeah, man, a Detroit Lion fan pushed me out of there one time,” Jones told reporters. “I had to double jump.”

There is no Lambeau leap denial for the Packers, it’s something that fans expect and players are happy to oblige with those seated in the end zone area.

The touchdown came late into the third quarter of a rather lack luster game to make it a more respectable 16-3 in favor of the Pack.

Jones, went a little overboard with his celebration, which could have gotten him in trouble with officials dancing on the sidelines after making the impressive catch.

The Packers wide receiver said he is glad that he wasn’t caught, “I was hoping, because I never would’ve heard the end of it from everybody in here.”

Jones was denied a touchdown earlier when, in a challenge from Detroit, officials determined he didn’t have possession of the ball.

The Lambeau leap is a long-standing tradition at Lambeau Field, the home turf of the Green Bay Packers, to celebrate with fans after a touchdown.

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