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Miriam Carey’s Sisters Say She Fled Because She Was Scared Of Gunshots [Video]

Why Miriam Carey found herself at the center of a chase and a shooting in Washington D.C. last week is still unknown, but her sisters think that she ran for a simple reason: She was afraid.

Appearing on the Today Show, Amy Carey Jones and Valarie Carey say that their sister simply feared for her life after she heard gunshots. Fearing for her child in the car, she decided to flee from authorities.

“If you hear gun shots, it’s like, ‘I’m afraid. I don’t want to be here. I want to get out of here. I have a baby in a car,'” Valarie Carey opined of the incident. “My sister was fleeing. She was trying to figure out how to get out of there.”

Miriam, a dental hygienist from Stamford, Connecticut, used her vehicle to ram a White House barricade last Thursday for unknown reasons. She then led police on a chase that ended near the Capitol when police fatally shot her. Her 13-month-old daughter was uninjured.

The situation was bizarre, and though Miriam was revealed to have been going through postpartum depression, her sisters say that she wasn’t psychotic and that she didn’t have a political agenda.

“She never talked badly about President Obama,” Amy Carey Jones said. “She was not walking around delusional, which is what we want the public to understand. She was not delusional.”

Yet no one currently understands Miriam’s motives for ramming the barricade in the first place. Her sisters suggested that authorities haven’t been very forthcoming with all of the details.

“I feel that things could have been handled a lot differently,” Carey Jones said. “And maybe there was some bit overreaction or negligence, we don’t know. We still feel that there was maybe another story than what we’re being told.”

You can check out a video of Miriam Carey’s sisters on Today below:

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