600 Pumpkins Stolen In Long Island

600 Pumpkins Vanish From New York Farm

Over 600 pumpkins recently vanished from a farm in Long Island, New York.

Although stealing hundreds of the festive fruit might seem like an impossible mission, authorities believe a handful of thieves managed to pull of such a feat earlier this month.

According to The Daily Meal, the estimated value of the stolen property is around $4,200. Authorities believe the person or persons responsible for the heist intend to put the 600 pumpkins on the market. Unfortunately, police don’t have any leads as of this writing.

“Obviously, whoever took them is going to sell them. I can’t imagine anybody having another use for 600 pumpkins. That would be a lot of pie,” Riverhead Town Police Detective Timothy Hubbard explained.

It’s also unclear how the thieves managed to gain access to the property. Since moving that many pumpkins without being spotted isn’t the easiest task on the planet, authorities are hoping that someone spotted the criminals during their daring heist.

CBS New York reports that the pumpkins were recently stolen from Rottkamp’s Fox Hollow Farm. Not only does the farm feature four acres of pumpkins for Halloween enthusiasts, the property also sports an additional 36 acres dedicated to growing the fruit.

Hubbard said that people come from all over to grab a few pumpkins to use as decorations and in recipes during the season. Since there’s money to be made in the town at the moment, police believe the thieves are hoping to cash in on the stolen pumpkins.

“Our roads our here are filled with people coming from out west to pick pumpkins and cornstalks. It’s almost like a second season for our farmers out here,” Hubbard added.

Anyone who has information about the 600 pumpkins or those responsible for the theft should consider contacting the Riverhead police. The thieves are still at large.

[Image via Shutterstock.com]