Jessica Alba Patted Down At Los Angeles International Airport

Jessica Alba Gets Pat Down At LAX

Jessica Alba was on the receiving end of a security pat down at Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday, and from the looks of it, those were not idle hands.

In unrelated news, the Transportation Safety Administration has reported an unusual spike in security applicants over the weekend.

As reported by The Daily Mail, Alba, the stunning star of Sin City, was seen being patted down by a female TSA agent at a security checkpoint at LAX and looking none too pleased about the process, from the looks of the photos.

Or maybe, from the glare she’s fixed at the camera, it’s the fact that some clod is photographing it for all the world to see (gallery linked here).

From the looks of things, Jessica managed to skip the full body scanners, with their 3D imaging technology and the embarrassing prospect of a permanent security image of her on file somewhere. Oh…

Known for her role as Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman from the Fantastic Four movies, it appears Jessica Alba was hoping she had some of those powers for real, which obviously include the ability to turn invisible but also to generate a force field around her body. Either one would have been a welcome addition to her charm and stunning good looks, it appears.

Alba, whose latest movie, Machete Kills, hits theaters this weekend, reprises her role as Nancy Callahan in Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. The film, written and directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez, is slated for a late summer premiere in 2014, according to

Brainy Quote has Jessica on the record as saying “I don’t like being the center of attention,” and it appears those words were never truer than this Sunday at LAX.

Jessica Alba Not A Fan Of Security Screening