Gian waves slam eastern China as Typhoon Fitow lands.

Massive Wave Hits As Typhoon Fitow Lands In Eastern China [Photo, Video]

A massive wave is seen hitting a sea wall, as typhoon Fitow slams into the Zhejiang province in Eastern China in a spectacular photo.

Giant waves have been relentlessly slamming into the coast since Fitow made landfall on Monday packing winds of 93 miles per hour at times.

According to the BBC, authorities have issues the highest possible alert, red, for the area ahead of the powerful storm and evacuations have been ordered.

Two people have been reportedly killed so far, one while he was trying to rescue a fisherman stranded on his boat and was blown away by the winds, the state run news agency Xinhua is reporting.

Fitow made landfall at 01:15 local time (17:15 GMT Sunday) in the city of Fuding, according to Chinese meteorologists.

According to Xinhua, the typhoon has affected over three million people in Zhejiang and caused over $2 billion Yuan ($330 million) in damages.

The massive waves brought on with the storm have put residents at peril as can be seen in the photo publicized on Twitter.

Some homes have also collapsed in the neighboring province of Zhejiang resulting in the disappearance of two port workers.

Parts of China have been pounded by up to eight inches of rain, according to the AFP.

According to the BBC, authorities have called up the military to strengthen the sea defenses.

Coastal facilities have been closed in preparation for the storm’s landfall.

“We must not leave anybody in danger,” Zhejiang Governor Li Qiang was quoted as saying.

The storm has also disrupted travel in the area with train, bus services, as well as flights at Wenzhou airport in Zhejiang, being canceled.

The massive waves which came with this storm didn’t deter some from venturing outside in the dangerous weather.