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SUV Gang Assault: How Many Off-Duty Cops Were Involved? [Watch]

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The horrific SUV gang attack, which took place last weekend, has sent shock waves through the citizens of New York as well as the police force.

A group of bikers, who had met for an annual bikers event in New York City, got involved in an incident with a man driving a Range Rover SUV. At the time the man was with his wife and young child in the car.

Apparently the driver of the SUV accidentally struck one of the bikers in the group with his vehicle sending the other bikers into a rage. A 50-block chase ensued until the SUV was forced to stop at a traffic light.

When some of the bikers eventually caught up with the SUV driver, they dragged him from his vehicle in front of his family, having smashed his window with their helmets. He was then beaten and his head was stomped on. He required stitches to his face.

A number of off-duty, NYPD cops were also in attendance at the bikers event and allegedly took part in the SUV gang assault. ABC News reports that two off-duty officers were with the bikers group on Sunday. Among those officers, one was an undercover narcotics cop who came forward after the incident.

He said that he did not want to get involved at the time of the SUV gang assault as he was worried it would blow his cover as an undercover police officer. The NYPD have not released the identities of the off-duty cops involved. They said that Internal Affairs is carrying out its own investigation.

Further reports say that investigators are also looking into the possibility that three other off-duty officers were close-by at the time of the assault but not close enough to see what exactly happened.

What do you think about the SUV gang assault? Was the video shocking to you? And what punishment do you think the off-duty officers should get if it comes to light that they were involved in the beating of the SUV driver? Sound off in the comments feed below.

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21 Responses to “SUV Gang Assault: How Many Off-Duty Cops Were Involved? [Watch]”

  1. Anonymous

    The off duty cops should be fired. The rest of the thugs should be prosecuted and barred from ever having a license to ride a motorcycle ever again.

  2. Rick Wearing

    Who needs cops when ,oh geez screw it.We are on our own folks!

  3. Anonymous

    Undercover my rear end; this is a spin in order for them to protect their own. A cop is a paranoiac. He is a megalomaniac. He can be a sadist. He can be vicious and cruel. He can be nice and sweet, especially if he wants something. He can break the laws that he pretends to be enforcing, with impunity. He is very sensitive to being called names, and tends to react the only way he knows how. He is armed to the teeth as well, with clubs, chemicals, gases, firearms, and the most frightening weapon of all, righteous indignation. He tends to be stupid, and uneducated, and very aware of his shortcomings, although he doesn't appreciate people's comments on them. He travels in packs or gangs, and feels a certain degree of security when he is with his own kind. His word is taken without question in all courts, and he relies on this. When unarmed and confronted by a police officer, you must take all these factors into consideration, before deciding what course of action you intend to follow………..

  4. Annette Ortiz

    The biker pulled right in front of the SUV. I am sick of bicyclists and motor cyclists believing they own the fucking road. Throw them all in jail.

  5. Lynn Boudreau

    foxcapwow you nailed it perfectly. well-articulated, and my sentiments EXACTLY

  6. Sherry Brown

    Shocked? Surprised? No. Never surprised when a gang of blacks and wanna-be's injure or kill a single individual. They rarely or never fight fairly or one-on-one. Am I prejudice? No. The black people I know are hard working, good parents and good neighbors. Interesting that the story never reveals the race of the driver and his family. What a shame the SUV driver wasn't in the possession of a legal assault rifle with a long clip and many refills…………..

  7. Peter Congi

    Driver did not do right he should have stoped. Bikers and police officers are not above the law when they think they are this is what happens. Police should up hold the law.

  8. Anonymous

    Most of them didn't have licenses or registration to begin with.

  9. Anonymous

    You described it to the T of many but NOT ALL cops. There are still a few good guys out there.

  10. Anonymous

    You would not be able to maneuver a shotgun, even without a stock, in such a tight space as in a driver seat.

  11. Anonymous

    You are either an idiot or a person with 3rd grade reading comprehension level.
    He stopped. They swarmed his vehicle, beat on it and spiked his tires. He had no choice but run them over to save his family from a gang of thugs. He should have side swiped every single one of them who tried to pull up along his SUV during the chase.

  12. Bob Smith

    put all of the ass holes that werw on the bikes and the off duty cops put them all up agenst a wall and shoot every one of them teach them all a leson that thay will never do it again I seen the veido of that criam the ones on the bike that got hit he stop in front of the SUV it was not his falt any way so he got what was coming 2 him in the first place and if it wasa seimi none of then would be a live just hit them all and keep on going

  13. Roy Reed

    When I lived in Myrtle Beach years ago,the Harley riders would come to town for bike week, it was all about law and order.Everyone was a good time, very few incidents.

  14. Roy Reed

    When the rice rockets came to town …it was chaotic to say the least.Arrests were abundant,a lot of drunk obnoxious idiots who tried to strong arm the local people.When they left there was trash and destruction.

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