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Infant Raped By Daycare Employee, Attack Caught On Video

Infant Raped (Allegedly) By Heather Koon

An infant raped: it’s one of every parent’s worst nightmares when they leave their child at a daycare, but for one family in Elyria, Ohio, it’s now a horrible reality.

The family’s identity was withheld for the protection of the child involved, but police have confirmed that they have video of 25-year-old ABC KIDZ DayCare employee Heather Koon having sex with a baby. The video was found on Koon’s laptop, according to

“I still haven’t wrapped my mind around it,” said the baby’s father, who has chosen to speak out about the incident so other parents can determine if their children were also victims. The father said ABC KIDZ asked him not to speak publicly about the incident.

“They tried to act like it was a simple assault,” the father explained. “A few hours later they called us back again and asked us to keep it discrete.”

In comments to Fox19, the father added, “Any child that’s old enough to talk, they should talk to. Any child that’s not old enough to talk should be taken to a physician.”

Koon was arrested after police checked up on her boyfriend, James Osborne, a convicted sex offender in Lorain County, who was living at another address from the one given on the website. When authorities brought Osborne into custody, they also confiscated a laptop found in his apartment. The police report says that it belonged to Koon and contained a video of her “engaging in sexual conduct with an unknown infant.”

In an effort to figure out who the child was, “They showed us still photos,” the father said.

Koon is now facing two counts of rape after police identified a second victim. Unlike the infant raped, the age of the second victim was not made public.

Osborne and Koon are in custody at Lorain County Jail, where they will presumably remain until their court date.

Here’s a mugshot of Osborne:

Infant Raped (Allegedly) By Heather Koon, Boyfriend Also Behind Bars

Unfortunately, this is just one of many child abuse cases to happen in recent weeks. On Saturday, we brought you the story of a trailer park mother, who was accused of selling naked pictures of her 11-year-old daughter online.

And at the end of September, we reported on the case of a Washington state man, who injected his four-year-old son with heroin to delay a divorce proceeding.

In the case of the infant raped at ABC KIDZ, do you think charges should be brought against the daycare, and do you think the death penalty should be extended to these types of cases?

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113 Responses to “Infant Raped By Daycare Employee, Attack Caught On Video”

  1. Joe Mosley

    Execute any child abuser.This person is of no value to anyone.

  2. Echo La Sage


  3. Amb Erly

    Definitely deserve the death penalty! Whatever is the slowest and most painful.

  4. Sonya Jones

    I would say life in prison, no chance of parole and no protective custody. That would save the taxpayers a lot of money in appeals. They would sit on death row for quite a few years. The inmates would take care of them for us!

  5. Sonya Jones

    I would say life in prison, no chance of parole and no protective custody. That would save the taxpayers a lot of money in appeals. They would sit on death row for quite a few years. The inmates would take care of them for us!

  6. Trish Langdon

    The bitch should be killed!!! No trial, the video probably confirms what she did. So, don't waste the tax payers money. Execute the bitch and all those like her. HOW DARE ANYONE ABUSE A CHILD!!!

  7. Thomas Peace

    I don't see the value of their lives. People who abuse babies are lost to the civilized world. He was already convicted for another case. He will offend again. In the interest of insuring more children don't have to grow up with this kind of trauma and potentially offend themselves. In the interest of breaking the cycle. Yes the death penalty should be considered.

  8. Melissa Ann Edmons

    Most likely daycare not at fault. But the woman should die. Good evidence against her, no temp insanity plea, just charge and put her to death, NOW

  9. Diane Allen

    Definitely the two "suspects" should face lifelong prison or preferably death penalty. I don't know how to decide about the daycare itself. Asking the parents to be discrete sounds so ugh…should not have done that. As far as having responsibility for the actions of the employee, if they did an official check of her background and did not know who her boyfriend is, I have a hard time placing blame on the daycare itself. If they did not do the checks that they should have and had knowledge of the boyfriends status, I think they do hold some of the blame. How the heck does someone get away with this anyway? Aren't all the babies and caregivers out in the open? Where I live the daycares are all one room with several caregivers always present.

  10. Venesa Chandler

    I am SO sick of reading about shit like this!! I say they let these broads in a room with women like us….let REAL justice be served!

  11. Pat Frederickson

    Yes, the daycare should be held accountable. Yes, I believe the death penalty should apply to child rapists.

  12. Barbara Rodriguez

    yes the child care should be liable as well as the shit head who done that to this poor baby all those demons should go back to hell from which they came from sick F**ks

  13. Venesa Chandler

    And the fact the daycare asked him not to go public?! FUCK THAT!!

  14. Sheryll Philmon

    do the same thing to them over and over again, then kill them both. im just saying

  15. Mistydawn Mower

    how does it save tax payers money by putting them in prison for life we will still b payin for them

  16. Sandi Crane

    I am not in favor of the death penalty for this woman, but I think she should be given a life sentence, without parole. She is very sick, and probably would not benefit from therapy. She should never be allowed out in society! Day Care facilities should have more strict background checks on people, the fact that she has a sex offender boyfriend should have been a BIG red flag!

  17. Nikkii Buchanan

    KILL THOSE pieces of $?%# and if not that put them in one of the most dangerous prisons announce their charges and leave them… NO PROTECTIVE CUSTODY EITHER… And Daycare should be held responsible too… They hired the creep….

  18. Winter Dawn Has-the Pipe

    Kill them all! And the daycare should held accountable just for the sheer fact they wanted to keep it private. Sick bastards!

  19. Kathy Wyatt

    The day care seems to be trying to hide the facts , they should be shut down trust and believe my child would no longer be going there. They asked the father of the infant to not talk about it come on. Those two monsters should be tortured and locked away for ever.

  20. Susan Bradley

    Death woud be much too easy & quick. LIFE in prison; no parole whatsoever….solitary confinement for the rest of their lives

  21. Betty Sherlin Schueler

    Everyone seems ready to string up the duo but they are forgetting that these types of actions are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. We don't kill people with depression or bi-polar conditions so why should we kill these two people? All behavior begins in the brain but we have screwed our brains up with so many toxins that our whole country is becoming wacko (that's a technical term). I do think they need to be locked up, until we can find a way to stop their horrid behavior, but killing them just makes us as bad as them.

  22. Eric Sandoval

    Mistydawn Mower Not for too long. These guys don't last in the joint. Why should they get p.c. in the pokey? They'll get poked in the pokey, that's for sure. Death penalty seems a bit lenient. I don't mind my tax dollars paying to let the inmates have their way with them before they either off themselves or get shanked and bled out quietly in the shower after getting passed around between the aryans or the cholos.

  23. Stephanie Rice Cauler

    sorry I have been a daycare provider for many years…..and all these sick perverts need to be shot… so u get out of raping a small baby or child…..omg you are the lowest form of scum there is on this earth….all u nasty perverts need to just be shot and save the taxpayers the money of keeping your worthless ass in jail…..this makes me sick to my stomach….you all don't deserve to breath …..and for the man who shot his son full of herion…you are right there with the rest of the worthless scum on this earth….shoot them all and do the world a favor and rid it of these nasty perverts who pray on these innocent children and babies…I would be glad to pull the trigger on all of them….

  24. Carrie Mitchell

    yes the Daycare should be charged they hired this sicko without a background check they endangered the infant and the other child. Yes I think the death penalty should be extended to Child abusers

  25. Heather Hallett

    if we can't kill them, let's at least lock them up forever, and let the prisoners who hate this type of person take care of the rest.

  26. John Bain

    If I ran a daycare, I would have enough cameras to cover every square inch of the property and give each parent a password so they could access the video feed from their phones at any time. Back ground checks only help if the person has been caught b4. As for the punishment…………anyone capable of doing this to a helpless infant does not belong in society. Death penalty for this monster. And since there is video evidence that's undeniable, her right to appeals shoud be revoke and her death should be scheduled promptly.

  27. Vickie Wimbley


  28. Leanne Gluckleder-Schumacher

    Torture this bitch to death then bring her back to life then torture this scum some more

  29. Jessie Moore

    I do not understand how any person can do something like this to an infant or any child. I do believe these types of crimes most definatly need to be answered with the death penalty without a doubt. I know I would be wanting to get to that person myself and unleash the beast on them. my heart goes out to the parents and the child of this horrific crime.

  30. Tracy Lynn Morrow

    Every person who abuses a child should be done on them too! Do the same thing to them that they did to the child and then have them killed!

  31. Melissa Lynn

    I would beat that piece of garbage within an inch of her life if she touched my grandbaby…people are sick

  32. Tonia Hampton

    The day care facility, should have checked criminal back ground records on this person & never allowed her near any children. SICK.. I hope they both get what is coming to them.

  33. Emily A Jenkins

    It just goes to show that you never can fully trust strangers. It's sad to think that innocent children can fall victim to such sick twisted people. Things like this are why I really just want to be at home with my babies and not leaving them anywhere else.

  34. Bonnie Vines Powell

    They absolutely deserve the death penalty – an infant, a baby, can't even BEGIN to defend itself. And, the day care center is also at fault. They should do really PRECISE background checks – who does this person live with – who do they know, etc. Our CHURCH runs background checks on anyone who is keeping the nursery during services – so SURELY the day care center is not doing its job. I agree with other comments – death is the only option.

  35. Shipley Aquarium

    YES the death penalty should definietly apply to these two, or anyone else who sexually abuses a child!! There is NO point in keeping them alive, people that are this mentally deranged will just reoffend. Would you want it to be your child when they do reoffend? Just as Joe said, this person is of no value to anyone. & YES the daycare should be held accountable!! & They should be put out of business immediately!!

  36. Don Argenbright Jr

    Don't execute them. Convict them and leave them in with the prison's general population, announcing over the speakers that they molested/raped a toddler. They may be criminals, but alot of inmates have kids and a code of ethics when it comes to atrocities on children… they won't make it 2 days

  37. Ellen Bernal

    These things are happening more frequently now. Punishment must be more severe and these people should be sterilized too. They should never have Children. These are the signs of time.

  38. Virginia Tadrzynski

    Mistydawn Mower if they put them in general population and make the acknowledge what they did, life in prison is usually a short proposition….a lot shorter than an appeals process……look at Ariel Castro…..he wasn't such a 'big man' in the joint and that was in protective custody….couldn't stand the 'thought' of being another's play thing or piece on the side so he off'd himself.

  39. Ruth White

    I feel the Daycare should be responsible because they should have had her checked out I mean come on, kill them all they have no reason to live I wish I could tell them that and I wouldn't feel bad about sayin it to there face, anyone that can do that to a baby is so sick in the head why allow them to live there is no reason in this world for you to be living, this is my opinion I don't care what anyone else thinks about it…

  40. Virginia Tadrzynski

    yes, they proved their liability by asking the parent to 'keep it quiet'……when they should have been first in line to say it happened and WE want this POS under the jail.

  41. Gale Mason

    Mistydawn Mower do some research on the cost of killing these pieces of sh!t. It cost so much more than to house them! I was amazed. You would save money by putting them into the general population in prison for life. They wont last long there and THAT saves us money!

  42. Kathy Davey-Sherman

    Betty Sherlin Schueler You are kidding, right! You think these people can be "CURED"?? Obviously, you have absolutely no freaking idea what the hell you are talking about!! A SEXUAL PREDATOR WILL NEVER BE "CURED" no matter how much therapy you want to throw at him/her…"Killing them" as everyone else here is saying…keeps the rest of the world from being tortured both physically, sexually and menatlly for the rest of their lives by these demented individuals..or maybe, Betty, you'd like to volunteer yourself to be their next victim and see how quickly this may change your own mind…???? OR..since you think they deserve a 'second chance' why don't you volunteer up your house and let them stay with you and you can coach them back into society???

  43. Yolanda Rodriguez

    I believe the should be publicly tied to the back of a horse driven carriage and dragged thru every stated so that the can be beaten by the citizen then strung up publicly to finish the beaten – the the wounds heal – feed them and then repeat the punishment – then put to death. I think that would set a good example for all abusers :o)

  44. Joanne Nicini Gibbons

    Dangerous monsters….dregs of humanity….these child abusers/molesters should be exterminated like insects!

  45. Robin Barnes Nagy

    EXECUTION!!! These people CAN NOT be put back in to society for any reason or any job. They are useless and harmful to the decent people in the world. We need protection from such scum. Death is the only certainty.

  46. Hilary Shea' Holloway

    These ppl are pure evil and need to drug out in the streets and beat, shot& hung!!

  47. Lynn Wade

    You know, I am torn on the death penalty, but this case… No, I don't think so, I think they should be put into general population, and let the inmates take care of them. Sitting on death row, for who knows how long, while they appeal their sentence? NO!!! Put them in general population, and turn the inmates lose! Let them feel what that baby felt! (and any other child we don't know about! They are sick and scum!

  48. Gale Mason

    Nope, I say put them out there into the general population of the prison, they will not live long! That is most hated in prison. Solitary confinement keeps him safe.

  49. Adam Sawyer

    hmmm kinda hard to castrate a woman… rape is also not a crime of sexual urges. it is a crime of violence and and a way for a person to assert dominance over another.

  50. Adam Sawyer

    hmmm kinda hard to castrate a woman… rape is also not a crime of sexual urges. it is a crime of violence and and a way for a person to assert dominance over another.

  51. Adam Sawyer

    hmmm kinda hard to castrate a woman… rape is also not a crime of sexual urges. it is a crime of violence and and a way for a person to assert dominance over another.

  52. Hellina Fjellström

    DEATH FUCKING PENALTY!!! Scum like this does not deserve to live.

  53. Hellina Fjellström

    DEATH FUCKING PENALTY!!! Scum like this does not deserve to live.

  54. Hellina Fjellström

    DEATH FUCKING PENALTY!!! Scum like this does not deserve to live.

  55. Pattie Voelker

    Do I think that charges should be brought against the day care………..of course I do!!!!!!!! People take there children trusting that they are in a safe environment and to have this kind of disgusting thing happen to little babies and children is disgraceful. THe Daycare as well as the individuals are both guilty. Both should be held accountable and prosecuted and get some REAL jail time.

  56. Ami Goss

    she's lucky she's walking, I would kill anyone who did that to my kid! you best hope they don't put that bitch in gp in prison, she wont make it out!!!

  57. Susanne McDaniel

    I don't want to read anything about how these people are mentally ill and "just need help." Eliminate them all. Same goes for animal abusers, too. Because that's who it starts.

  58. Streaming Glow

    The child care facility should only be charged if they were negligent in their back ground check of the rapist… the rapist… yah… they are sick and the death penalty should definitely be pursued… I've been saying that for years of child rapist…

  59. Nona M. Vandre

    Im still not understand why a baby or a child for that matter…I cant even wrap my mind around this one why anyone would even think of something like that…..

  60. Kristin Mahan

    i don't think that people directly involved with sex offenders should be able to work in care facilities or with children either, she probably took the video for her boyfriend

  61. Kathy Davey-Sherman

    Cheryl Davey Greenfield Ahm..yeah..Demented..But, she can be "helped"!! You know..let's put people like her back out in the street after some INTENSE therapy!! WTF!!???

  62. Tonya Cheek Fagg

    That is just 2 that we know of.. Precious innocent angels

  63. Nedra N Paq Polk

    I say, death penalty to both of these sick individuals…

  64. Jessica Powers

    day care should be held responsible for the people hire and should be sued…..death penalty??Um yeah. Regardless of what some people believe, sex offenders of this nature never will be "normal". And by slapping them on the hand and letting them loose, well, that's just asking for another kid to be molested. Do the research, most are never convicted because they've never been turned in. And some of those who have end up killing their next victims out of fear of being caught.

  65. Jessica Merriewether

    I would kill them n then bring them back to life for every child they hurt n then let them suffer like those kids did!!! if anyone touched my daughter, who is 1, i would lose my mind!!!! n make them suffer myself!!!

  66. Tony DeMauro

    I choose not to reply to this in any way that may incriminate me at any point in the future in case anything should ever happen to my son…But you know my love of horror movies, and you know the love I have for my son…god have mercy on the soul of anyone that ever hurts my son.

  67. Sharon Stanley

    persons like that w

    they should die anyone will do a that They Should Die they will never change no help for then

  68. Mary Farmer

    No execution,life in prison and with the general population

  69. Mary Farmer

    No execution,life in prison and with the general population

  70. Kathy Davey-Sherman

    Tony DeMauro I was just waiting for your comment…I knew it was coming! :) I can't imagine what it would be to have a child in this case..BUT, these people that preach about all this "therapy" and "healing" these predators…have absolutely NO clue what they're talking about…Period.

  71. Sara Carter

    Just gross… How is it even possible… They need to be executed… And it doesnt say if it was a boy or a girl… Doesnt matter but wow people have lost their minds…

  72. Linda Sibley

    This is the most horrible thing I've heard in a long time. They should both be hung. Wonder is back ground checks are done in Ohio.

  73. Chrissy Inconnecticut

    Where were the rest of the people that work in this daycare while she had time to rape and record for posterity her crime. Yes the daycare should be charged and everyone who was there that day while she was doing it. That won't happen I am sure but the civil case will. They better hope they have good insurance.

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