Justin Bieber Physical Training

Justin Bieber’s Trainer Is Building A Bigger Singer, How Much Is Too Much?

Justin Bieber’s changing body is an endless source of fascination, not least of which to the singer.

Once considered too fey, too gay, too meh, years of insults about his appearance seem to have left the pop star obsessed with his physicality. Ongoing selfie saturation and a fan-friendly habit of disrobing during performances — as seen in his latest, euphoric Shanghai concert on Saturday — have left no-one in any doubt that the once baby-cute singer is now a ripped, alpha male idol.

Personal trainer Patrick Nilsson, 29, is the man to credit for Justin’s drastic physical transformation and he recently shared details on the regime he designed for the teen singer with Newsday, while traveling on the Asia leg of the Believe tour.

“Justin was about 120 pounds when we started,” Swedish born Patrick Nilsson reveals.

He adds, “I want to put at least 20 more pounds on him.”

After being recommended by Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, Nilsson has been training the pop star full time since last September and purpose-built workout center at the Canadian’s Calabasas, Calif., home.

Justin Bieber With His Personal Trainer