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Biker Gang SUV Attack: Two More In Custody, One Charged

Biker gang SUV attack leads to two more arrests

The biker gang SUV attack last Sunday has led to two more suspects in custody, and one charged with gang assault.

An SUV containing the family of Alexian Lien had been pulled into a major incident when motorcyclist Christopher Cruz pulled in front of them and stopped suddenly, causing the SUV to hit him. After the biker began throwing a fit over what was his mistake, two other bikers were drawn into the act of leaving their bikes and beating the driver in front of his wife and small child. Christopher Cruz was arrested shortly afterward, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

Now the New York Police Department has two more bikers in custody for the biker gang SUV attack. Robert Sims of Brooklyn was charged with gang assault as one of the men who attacked SUV driver Alexian Lien. He was also charged with possession of a weapon and several other offenses for his role in the beating.

Reginald Chance was the other biker taken into custody, and is said to be the one beating his shiny helmet against the larger vehicle and smashing the driver’s side window.

A fourth biker had been seriously wounded as he was crushed under the weight of the SUV. Edwin Mieses Jr. of Massachusetts was hospitalized with a broken spine and his family states that he will be paralyzed for life. What led to him being run over was the SUV driver’s attempt to flee the scene before being pulled out of the vehicle and beaten. In what was probably a state of panic, Alexian Lien knocked over three more bikers, one of which was Mieses, who was said to be trying to get the other bikers to leave the family alone.

The two new men in custody over the biker gang SUV attack turned themselves in on Friday, showing that the bikers understand their responsibility in the attack. Edwin Mieses Jr.’s family blames the SUV driver, but Alexian Lien has not been charged.

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5 Responses to “Biker Gang SUV Attack: Two More In Custody, One Charged”

  1. Simon Noonan

    SUV runs over people, after SUV has hit people… I'd have given chase as well.

  2. Nikki Watkins

    One of the guys on a rice rocket started it off by cutting off the SUV and slowing down, which is what caused the SUV to hit him.

    Regardless of who's at fault, they didn't need to surround the SUV. They also didn't need to drag hiim out of his car with his wife and toddler watching. A call to emergency services with a license plate number and a rrecount of what happened should have sufficed.

  3. Simon Noonan

    Hmmm, I note that the guy run over and paralysed wasn't the guy that started this, nor were the other couple run over. Dunno if you can justify running people over because one guy started being a dick.

    Chased the SUV till it stopped and the cops turned up, that might have been a bit more dignified.

    But seriously, no charges for nearly killing a couple of people, before there was any chasing, surrounding, or threat of violence…?

  4. Kyle Creel

    Blah Blah Blah…."bikers" think they're some sort of elite group. You get a motorcycle and you get on it….your a biker. Don't try to mince words and make Biders and Motorcyclist something different. You never hear about a group of people cruising around in a pack of Toyota Priuses pulling this crap do you?

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