Miriam Carey had post-partum depression

Miriam Carey Suffered from Post-Partum Depression [Report]

Miriam Carey, the person apparently involved in the shooting near US Capitol Hill, reportedly suffered from past-partum depression.

As The Inquisitr reported previously, Miriam Carey is believed to the 34-year-old woman from Stamford, Connecticut, who went on a rampage in Washington, D.C, on Thursday, ramming barricades outside the White House before police opened fire.

Authorities said Carey, a dental hygenist, had a young daughter in the black Infiniti that she drove at high speeds around Washington. Police say after flattening a barricade by the White House, she led police on a high-speed chase toward the US Capitol building. Police ultimately shot and killed Carey as she sped around the Capitol grounds, with the incident prompting a brief lockdown in Congress. Police have also yet to announce a possible motive in the car chase incident, although the investigation is ongoing.

According to an ABC News report, the post-partum depression issue was confirmed by Carey’s mother, Idella Carey:

“She had post-partum depression after having the baby… A few months later, she got sick. She was depressed…. She was hospitalized.”

Carey’s mother added that her daughter, the mother of a one-year-old born last August, had no history of violence. The toddler is currently in protective custody.

ABC also reports that “Authorities described Carey has having a ‘mental illness.'”

The deceased woman’s boss in the dental practice where she worked described her as a “non-political person” who was “always happy.”

CNN reports that “According to multiple sources, there was no reason so far to believe that the woman fired any shots or even had a weapon. Officers did not know a child was inside during the chase, officials said.”

Police — including HazMat teams — swarmed her apartment complex in Stamford last night searching for clues. FBI agents are also assisting in the Miriam Carey investigation.