Bill O'Reilly calls Harry Reid a cold-hearted fanatic

Bill O’Reilly: Harry Reid Is A ‘Cold Hearted Fanatic’ [Video]

In the context of the ongoing government shutdown and Obamcare, Sen. Harry Reid (D- Nev.) is a “cold-hearted fanatic.”

That was the assessment of Bill O’Reilly tonight in his opening “talking points” monologue on The O’Reilly Factor.

See embed above for O’Reilly’s entire editorial about what’s going on — or not going on — in Washington right now.

O’Reilly is hardly a member of the Senate Majority Leader’s fan club. On Monday, before the government shutdown took effect, he joked that one solution to the partisan gridlock would be to tie Harry Reid to a tree somewhere in Idaho, “so he can’t say anything.” O’Reilly also placed the blame on both Republicans and Democrats, saying that both parties are “playing a big political game rather than looking out for the country.”

Tonight, O’Reilly addressed himself in part to Reid’s eyebrow-raising exchange yesterday with CNN reporter Dana Bash in which the Democrat leader expressed his unwillingness to go along with Republican efforts to fund the National Institutes of Health child cancer program in a stand-alone bill.

O’Reilly claimed that Reid is emboldened by generally one-sided news media coverage that favors the Democrats in the current federal government funding dispute.

According to O’Reilly, “Sen. Reid revealed himself in that exchange to be a cold-hearted fanatic, a man who couldn’t care less about compromise or the suffering of Americans. For Harry, it’s all about power. We’ve got your number, man. For the American left in general, it is all about their version of social justice and income equality. It matters not to the left if healthcare actually declines because doctors opt out, if full-time jobs decline because companies want fewer workers on the payroll that they have to insure, or if health insurance premiums rise for those making decent money in order to pay the health costs of those who don’t. See it’s all about ideology, and in the end, a compromise will have to be reached…”

Because of its so far unintended consequences, the Fox News Channel host compared Obamacare to a motorcycle gang crashing a high school dance. He reaffirmed his view that the president should “step up” and grant a one-year individual mandate waiver (a “temporary reprieve”) for any American who wants one since big business already received a postponement to 2015 on the employer mandate. In one year, we’ll know if Obamcare works or should be repealed, O’Reilly claimed.