Falling Bacon Crushes Man

A Swedish man was injured after half a tonne of bacon fell on him on Thursday morning.

The man was then taken to a hospital in Gothenburg, which is located in western Sweden, where he is still being treated for his injuries.

The tragedy occurred in Gamlestaden, an historic area of the city, which is renowned for its meatpacking district, at 7am, as the unnamed man worked in a warehouse.

As the individual set about his daily chores a huge pallet of bacon, which weighed between 500 to 600 kilogrammes, collapsed and fell over on to the unlucky man.

Peter Adlersson, a police spokesman has since discussed the incident with The Local, a Gothenburg paper, stating, “It’s a rather unusual accident, you might say.”

He then added, “I don’t know exactly how it happened, but somehow the trolley fell over. I’ve never heard of anything like this.”

The police officer confirmed that the man was conscious when he was taken to Sahlgrenska University Hospital. His injuries are yet to be revealed.

However, the attending doctors did confirm that he had escaped without any serious damage. Adlersson confirmed, “We’ve learned that he sustained minor back injuries as a result of the accident.”

The Swedish Work Environment Authority are now set to launch an investigation into the incident, and police have confirmed that a workplace accident report will now be filed.

Adlersson admitted though, “They are the ones who will ultimately decide whether or not to launch a formal investigation.”

Last month, an Edinburgh man was arrested after he attacked a Mosque with a package full of bacon. 25-year-old Wayne Stilwell threw a box of the meat at the building, fully aware that Musilms regard pork products as unclean. He was sentenced to 10 months in prison as a result of his “hate crime attack.”

[Image via Hong Vo/Shutterstock]