WWII Veterans Storm World War II Memorial For Second Day

GOP Congressman Demands Park Ranger ‘Apologize’ For Republican Shutdown

GOP Congressman Randy Neugebauer publicly dressed down a female Park Ranger at a shut down national park, demanding she apologize and insisting she should be ashamed for carrying out the plan voted upon in the affirmative by the House Rep. himself alongside his caucus.

The unbelievable exchange is viewable in a video, in which Neugebauer snidely tells the female National Parks Ranger that she should apologize for denying access to the parks, as all parks have been ordered closed due to the government shutdown.

The incident, which occurred at the World War II Memorial in Washington DC, began when Neugebauer asked the Ranger:

“How do you look at them and… deny them access?”

The woman replies:

“It’s difficult.”

As if he didn’t support the measure that forced the woman to participate in closing the park, Neugebauer has the nerve to reply:

“Well, it should be difficult!”

She again says:

“It is difficult… I’m sorry, sir.”

Not satisfied by making an employee not involved with the decision apologize for the situation, he adds, “the Park Service should be ashamed of themselves,” to which she replies, “I’m not ashamed.”

His response?

“You should be!”

At this point, bystanders — so enraged with the nonsense they’re overhearing — leap in and protest, with one shouting:

“Ask those questions of the people who aren’t passing the budget! That’s who you need to ask these questions to.”

Another defends the female Park Ranger bullied by Rep. Neugebauer, saying:

“This woman is doing her job, just like me! I’m a 30-year federal veteran — I’m out of work.”

Neugebauer tries to pin the shutdown on Harry Reid, deflecting:

“Well, the reason you are is because Mr. Reid decided to shut down the government.”

When another bystander corrects the Tea Party House Rep., Neugebauer gives up and walks away. Watch the Tea Party congressman bully a Park Ranger in the clip above.