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Rebel Wilson’s ‘Super Fun Night’ Receives Lukewarm Reviews

Rebel Wilson debuted her new sitcom Super Fun Night ABC last night (October 2). Unfortunately, viewers and critics weren’t exactly smitten with the new comedy.

The comedienne seemed poised to take the fall TV season by storm with her new sitcom. Instead of receiving strong praise, the new show was mostly trashed by critics. As of this writing, Super Fun Night has a Metacritic score of 46 percent based on 26 reviews.

“Having stripped Wilson of her signature Aussie accent for no good reason, the basic story line trots her back about 10 years, to the dark ages before geeks ruled the earth and McCarthy was a franchise,” the Los Angeles Times explained.

Judging from the review posted over at E! Online, a little Rebel Wilson definitely goes a long way. Writer Leanne Aguilera suggests that the actress’ outrageous personality may not lend itself to a starring role.

“After watching ABC’s newest fall comedy, you’ll quickly realized that Wilson’s over-the-top behavior that we all loved in her movies will smother you when packed into a mere 22 minutes,” she wrote.

Although quite a few of the reviews for Super Fun Night were negative, not everyone was quick to trash the new sitcom. Boston Herald writer Mark A. Perigard believes Wilson’s writing brings a “sense of innocence” to the story.

“‘Super Fun Night’ deserves many weeks to come. Here’s hoping ABC doesn’t get in the way,” he wrote in his review of the show.

Critics weren’t the only folks who weighed in on the Rebel Wilson series. Several people headed to social media last night to share their thoughts and feelings about the comedy. Check out some positive and negative Twitter reactions below.

Have a look at ABC’s preview of the series.

Are you a fan of Rebel Wilson? What did you think about her new sitcom Super Fun Night?

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