Student Slits Teacher’s Throat For Confiscating Mobile Phone

The use of mobile phones by students during lessons at school is a problem faced by many teachers around the world. One course of action that a teacher has is to confiscate the phone from the offending student.

At a school in China recently that strategy didn’t go so well. A student from a middle school in Fuzhou, situated in the eastern Chinese Jiangxi province, was found playing on his phone during a chemistry class.

His teacher, Sun Wakang, promptly confiscated the mobile phone for the duration of the day, returning it to him just before school ended. The next day, the disgruntled student entered Sun Wakang’s classroom, walked up quietly behind him, and slit his throat while he marked papers.

He then fled the scene of the incident while the 32-year-old father of one bled to death. The student did finally contact authorities and admit that he perpetrated the throat slitting. He then turned himself into the police authorities in Shanghai.

The teacher who was killed worked as a chemistry teacher in the school for five years until his recent murder. The killing was also carried out at an unfortunate time of the year, as just four days earlier, China’s official Teacher’s Day was celebrated by students honoring their teachers.

A teacher in another room heard the commotion and the screams of the victim and called an ambulance immediately. Even though it arrived quickly at the school, the victim had already bled out and was pronounced dead at the scene.