Sandra Bullock talks about role she lost to J. Lo

Sandra Bullock Talks About Big Role She Lost To J.Lo

Sandra Bullock is talking about a big role she lost to J. Lo opposite her Gravity co-star and pal George Clooney.

The actress, who is getting ready to open her space saga, spoke about another big role that came her way in the late nineties.

Even though Bullock and Clooney are colleagues and long-time friends, they have never worked in a movie together until Gravity, but it almost happened all those years ago.

Bullock tells Yahoo Movies they never made a conscious decision to work together, but they came “this close” to collaborating in a Steven Soderbergh film called Out Of Sight.

“I went years ago — I had a meeting with them for ‘Out of Sight,'” Bullock recalls.

George Clooney and Sandra Bullock read for the film and Soderbergh was impressed with their chemistry, but he felt it was not right for what he was looking for.

Bullock was the studio’s choice, however Soderbergh got his woman, the Latina rising star Jennifer Lopez.

“They didn’t want me for the film and I was all, ‘Oh, our friendship is so over,'” Bullock recalls. “It obviously wasn’t over.”

Out Of Sight ended up being a success and was nominated for two Academy Awards. The film was a launching pad for both Clooney, who was coming out of playing Batman, and Jennifer Lopez, who was just starting to break into the movie business.

Many called the chemistry between Clooney and Lopez “sizzling.”

As far as Sandra Bullock is concerned, she didn’t do too badly for herself. She starred in three films in 1998, Hope Floats, Practical Magic, and she also voiced The Prince Of Egypt, all of which surpassed the success of Out Of Sight. Now, they are calling Gravity the biggest role of her career

Sandra Bullock went on to become one of the most popular and well-liked actresses in Hollywood. Are you one of her many admirers?