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Elderly Couple Killed Their Exes 30 Years Ago So They Could Be Together

One elderly couple is facing charges for murders they allegedly committed 33 years ago.

Gerald Uden, 71, and Alice Louise Uden, 74, have been living with a morbid secret for 33 years. Each allegedly killed their respective families before they settled down together.

Prosecutors say that Alice shot her ex-husband in the back of his head while he slept and threw his body down an abandoned gold mine chute in Wyoming. No symbolism there.

Just five years later, Gerald allegedly shot his ex-wife and her two kids during a bird-hunting trip on a Wyoming ranch. Authorities say he hid all three bodies.

Since then, the two have been quietly living in the rural Ozarks near Springfield, Missouri, reports the Associated Press. But their retirement has been interrupted by the threat of extradition… back to Wyoming to answer for their alleged crimes.

The authorities have always suspected Gerald and Alice of the crimes they’re currently charged with, as well. The evidence just wasn’t there.

“These people weren’t on the run. The investigators knew where these people were at,” Christian County Sheriff Joey Kyle said of the case. “They just didn’t have the evidence to bring them in. … It wasn’t like they were hid out all this time. They were untouchable.”

It’s unknown whether their relationship played a role in the murders. The two have lived together in Christian County since Gerald’s alleged crimes in 1980. Court documents haven’t hinted at any motive, and they don’t say when the two met.

When police showed up to the couple’s home, which is in a remote area, Alice was reportedly cooperative.

Her demeanor was said to be “consistent with an individual who appears to have acknowledged she’s been caught,” Kyle said.

“I’m not quoting her here, but it was as if she just shrugged her shoulders and says, well it was a good run,” he said.

One last sad detail: Gerald Uden’s mother-in-law, Claire Martin, died in April, never knowing what had happened to her daughter and two grandchildren.

“I’m sad that it didn’t come about when Claire was still alive,” said Tracy Morrin, who knew Martin for years. “Mostly I’m happy you know that there’s going to be an end to this story. But I’m really sad my friend’s passed away before she knew.”

Here’s their mugs!

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