Giant Rat Discovered In Chinese Village

Godzilla Rat Discovered In China, Promptly Served For Dinner [Photo]

A so-called “Godzilla rat” was recently discovered in China. Since the critter was of significant size, villagers wasted no time transforming the rat into a tasty dinner.

Although the creature in question isn’t big enough to level an entire Japanese city, apparently the rat was large enough to cause concern throughout Shaoyang county. According to Kotaku, one of the enormous animals was recently caught by a villager.

Reports suggest that the Godzilla rat is one of many giant rodents responsible for devouring the village’s supply of fish. Depending on who you choose to believe, the animal in question can down an entire fish whole. In other words, these rats aren’t the sort you’d ever want to meet in a dark alley.

The folks at Want China Times are reporting that the monster rodent weighed in at an astounding 11 pounds. The animal was also over three feet in length. Since they didn’t want all of that meat to go to waste, a handful of villagers decided to cook up and serve the Godzilla rat for dinner.

The website explains that the critter would venture into nearby waters and drag 11-pound fish to the shore. Once the fish was on dry land, the rat would then consume its prey. Although fishermen tried to capture one of the Godzilla rats in the past, they finally emerged victorious on September 25.

After surrounding the Godzilla rat, villagers attacked it with an assortment of weaponry until it was dead. The rat’s bones were reportedly so thick that the cooks couldn’t properly butcher the carcass using traditional methods. No less than two extremely sturdy cooking knives were reportedly required to break the creature’s bones.

Check out a picture of the rodent in question below. Since the image showcases a very large dead animal, some folks may find it a little disturbing. Proceed with caution.

Giant Rat In China

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