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Make-A-Wish Turns 7-Year-Old Into Superhero For A Day

The Make-A-Wish foundation recently turned 7-year-old Alex Lelenoa into a superhero for a day. Alex was diagnosed with Leukemia three years ago and his big wish was to become Robin, Batman’s sidekick.

To help make his dream a reality an Anaheim police officer showed up at the young boys door dressed as Batman. The officer then asked Alex to help him fight crime.

Alex dressed as Robin and joined the police officer in a drive around Orange County. Batman and his sidekick drove around Orange County in the original Batmobile.

Before Alex and the officer began fighting crime the young boy was sworn in by the Anaheim Police Department.

The officer drove Alex to Buena Park, California, where a cast of characters dressed as pirates were waiting for a fight. Alex and the officer fought the bad guys and then went on their way after a fun and swift victory.

After a long day of fighting crime Alex was flown to Angel Stadium before returning home to a hero’s welcome at the police station.

Following his day of crime fighting Alex said: “I feel really thankful for the foundation.”

The boys mother, Elizabeth Stoffer, tells local affiliate KTLA: “I’m beyond emotion, my heart’s going to pop out of my chest,” Elizabeth Stoffer, Alex’s mother said.

His mom couldn’t be any happier with the Make-A-Wish foundation and their ability to turn her son into a superhero for a day.

Living out a live-action version of his favorite superhero story might just make Alex the coolest kid in his neighborhood, especially since his antics were caught on video.

Make A Wish - Superhero For A Day

The Make-A-Wish foundation fulfills hundreds of wishes each year for children who are terminally ill.

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If you could be a superhero for a day which character would you choose?