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Surface Pro Tablet: How Does It Compare To iPad And Android?

Surface Pro tablet

The all new second-generation Microsoft Surface Pro tablets are a huge step up from the company’s original tablet designs. The Surface 2, which is due for release next month, will be marketed aggressively according to a Digitimes report. The report stated:

“Microsoft’s current plight is due to its late entry to the mobile market, high product prices, and weak ecosystem compared to its competitors. Microsoft’s strategy of developing its tablet operating system using its PC operating system as the base, is the main problem preventing Windows-based tablets becoming standardized.”

But is Microsoft following Apple’s lead in their marketing of the Surface Pro tablets?

It should be noted that Microsoft is in fact keeping its first generation tablets on the market as a budget option to their all new tablets. The first generation Surface RT will still be available from stores for around $350, a good $100 less than the new range.

The Digitimes researchers, as well as many other analysts, see Office as the biggest selling point for the new devices. Although they comment that Microsoft’s initiative to introduce Office to other mobile platforms will only take away from the appeal of the Surface Pro tablets.

The report suggests that Microsoft’s strategy may not be a good one. Even though the new tablets feature the full gamut of Office programs, it may not be enough to draw users away from Android and iPad tablets, even though they are severely limited in their scope vis-a-vis Office.

During a Microsoft event in a store in Seattle, the vice president in charge of the Surface, launch, Panos Panay, said that even though the existing tablets offer a 10.6-inch display with 6:9 ratios, the company is toying with the possibility of introducing different screen sizes on their devices.

Panay said: “We have a lot of great things that we are thinking about and working on, and there are multiple aspect ratios and sizes and awesome things to come from Surface.”

With pre-orders already available on the new Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets, with the full launch coming on October 22, will you be interested in a new tablet? Do you think the new Surface Pro tablets will have something to offer users that the iPad and Android tablets lack? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments feed below.

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4 Responses to “Surface Pro Tablet: How Does It Compare To iPad And Android?”

  1. JB Floyd

    I am not sure that MS is in touch with what is going on, it is a shame I am a heavy MS user and have been sticking with them, but I have to admit that my Ipad has captivated me. I good keyboard and Office would pretty much bring me to Ipad completely. All I ask is Microsoft Store please show me something fantastic, and I will come back.

  2. Curtis Quick

    Well, I have been using the Surface RT for nine months now and it has been quite a blessing. I used to lug around my laptop just so I could get some work done while away from the office. Although I understand that the Surface RT was not intended to be a laptop replacement, it is very nearly so for me. The ability to access my MS Office files through SkyDrive and edit them on Surface RT is really a godsend. Having a full-featured web browser that allows for robust Googledoc usage and just about every other web site I have tried using has pretty much sealed the deal for me.

  3. Tae Cooke

    This article is referencing both RT and Pro versions interchangeably. They are NOT the same, and have different features. The Surface RT (1st gen) and Surface (2nd gen) both come with Office RT. The Surface Pro (1st and 2nd) has the Wacom digitizer, but Office is not included.

  4. Lennie Condellone

    Another problem is that both Win8 and WinRT require use of the Windows Runtime ( in order to use tile functionality. It's not the greatest platform for developing business (which looks like MS's target audience) applications in.

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