NCIS says goodbye to Ziva David

‘NCIS’ Says Goodbye To Ziva David

NCIS has said goodbye to one of the most beloved charcters, Ziva David.

In an episode full of emotion, which was as genuine as it will get on the part of those involved, Special Agent David finally leaves NCIS.

There has been much interest in finding out exactly what kind of sendoff show creators would give the long standing main character. The important thing is she was not killed off.

That was one of the stipulations Cote de Pablo, who played Ziva since 2005, wouldn’t budge on when she announced she was leaving the show.

The fact that she wasn’t killed, as many times happens when actors decide to leave major roles behind, leaves the door open for a possible change of heart on de Pablo’s part.

Michael Weatherly, who plays her co-worker and platonic love interest, says that they didn’t have to stretch the emotions they were both feeling very far.

As NCIS, let Ziva go, DiNozzo was having a pretty hard time with it all. Fans got to finally see a passionate kiss between the pair, who flirted mercilessly through the years.

“Her eyes were filled with emotion and tears, as were mine, for the whole evening,” Weatherly says. “It was cathartic, to say the least.”

The final scene between Ziva and Tony took place at an airport hangar as he tries to convince her to come back home with him, implying that he is not asking her just to return to NCIS.

Producer Gary Glassberg, said that all executives and cast have been hard at work all summer to bring a satisfying conclusion to Ziva and that the finale for de Pablo would be gut-wrenching. And it was.

The show said farewell in a two part episode, which started during the season premiere last week and concluded dramatically on Tuesday.

Glassberg explained he couldn’t do it in one episode as he tied the ending of season 10, when Gibbs attempts to shoot FBI agent Tobias Fornell, to Tony flying to Israel to find Ziva and the final farewell.

The dramatic NCIS epsiode “delivers what you want from Gibbs and then you have this enormous story line of Tony and Ziva… that hopefully leaves people having an understanding of what’s driven Ziva, gets to the crux of their relationship and leaves them in an interesting place as well.” Glassberg says.

Glassberg has also explained that after the intense episode, what follows is some “fun” for viewers in which they will experiment with some lighter moments and introduce unconventional characters in preparation for the introduction of Ziva’s “replacement.”

Bishop is the name of the new agent that will come in as a NSA analyst,

“My intention is not to replace Ziva, but I can introduce a character who is unique and quirky and fun, and hopefully people will embrace her and feel like she is a new element to this group and a new part of moving it forward,” Glasberg says of Bishop played by Emily Wickersham.

It will be interesting to see how Tony as well as the rest of the characters move on without Ziva there, after all she was around for eight years.

Despite being in its 11th season, NCIS continues to be the most viewed scripted show on television averaging 21.6 million viewers for season 10 and 20 million viewers for their Season 11 opener. What did you think?