Jessica Lange's contract on American Horror Story

Jessica Lange Only Contracted For One More Season Of ‘American Horror Story’

Is this the end of American Horror Story? The new season kicks off on October 9, but news about one cast member’s fate may start an early demise for Ryan Murphy’s hit series. It’s being reported that favorite Jessica Lange is only contracted through to the next season, which means, after the fourth season, American Horror Story may lose their staple character.

Jessica Lange has earned a Golden Globe award for her turn in American Horror Story. The show has also garnered Lange a Primetime Emmy win for her role as Constance Langdon on the series. American Horror Story is unique in that after every season, the show basically resets with a new setting, and set up, which includes extreme character changes.

Throughout its run Lange has aced complex and various roles on the series in playing Sister Jude Martin, and Constance Langdon, the latter a mother to a boy who slaughtered his classmates in the early 90s. Next up for Lange is her portrayal of Fiona, who is adamant about protecting a witches coven and the secrets it holds.

This season will see the cast in New Orleans, as it switches from an old-timey insane asylum to the salem witch trials in the eighteenth century. This season sees Lange back to her sassy outfits of Prada and Balenciaga for her glammed up role of a witch. In the trailer, Lange threatens, “The only thing you have to be afraid of is me.”

Of the new season Lange said they have learned from the challenges of last year’s reboot:

“What happened last year is we headed down this dark rabbit hole that got darker and darker and darker and darker. I think there has been an effort this year to not go quite that dark. It’s still about horror, but maybe more psychological this year.”

In addition to Lange, new cast members such as Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett have joined this season. Perhaps Bates, the queen of scream, will be taking Lange’s place once her contract is up; or does the show just die with Lange? What do you think?

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