Highway horror: biker gang terrorizes family in SUV

Highway Horror: Biker Gang Terrorizes Family In SUV [Video]

Highway horror in New York was caught on video when a biker gang terrorizes a family of three while they were on a leisurely drive to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

The incident, which was caught with a camera mounted in one of the biker’s helmet, is terrifying to watch by anyone who has ever felt trapped by a group of motorcyclists.

The video shows the SUV driving along on a West Side highway in New York City and suddenly being surrounded by the gang of bikers.

The frame barely catches the biker directly in front of the SUV turning his head to look back and slowing down as the SUV driver doesn’t seem to be able to stop in time and hits the motorcycle from behind.

That turns the whole gang into a rage as they are seen chasing the family car down and surrounding them. Later on in the clip things get out of hand when the highway horror continues.

Bikers are seen smashing the car’s windows with the family inside. The driver of the SUV has been identified as Alexian Lien, 33, a Director at Skrill, an “e-commerce” site, his wife Rosalyn, and their two-year-old child.

No charges have been filed and it is unclear what sparked incident started.

Whether Lien felt threatened by the large pack of bikers and rammed into the rider in an effort to get away or it was an accident, at this time there is no official statement from authorities.

The video lasts for six minutes and shows how the bikers chase the SUV down the West Side Highway at high speeds, while Lien is desperately trying to escape them.

According to the TODAY Show, the bikers slashed the tires of the truck in an effort to catch the driver.

This latest episode of highway horror is not a first and this particular gang of riders is well known to authorities. The family was taken to a hospital after the attack.