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Bill Nye Sent Home After Doing The Robot On ‘Dancing With The Stars’ [Video]

Bill Nye scored another viral video last night when he did the robot to Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” but it wasn’t enough to save him on Dancing With The Stars.

Yes, sadly, the science guy was sent home.

Nye was obviously not the best dancer on Dancing With The Stars but his ridiculous routines (as well as a good dose of childhood nostalgia) made him a fan favorite on the show. But even fans couldn’t vote for the robot.

Nye and his partner Tyne Stecklein only scored 16 points for their futuristic jazz number.

Nye said: “What breaks my heart is Tyne [has to go home], She’s fantastic.”

Stecklein added: “(I’ll miss his) sense of humor for sure. Maybe the science facts a little bit, but…”

Nye’s robot wasn’t a beautiful sight last night but you have to give the Science guy for trying. Nye was still recovering from a torn quadriceps at the start of Monday night’s show but he decided to dance anyway.

It was a brave, bizarre, and ugly performance that ended with Bill Nye the Science Guy saying goodbye to Dancing With The Stars.

Are you surprised that Bill Nye danced the robot last night? Are you surprised he danced at all?

The Science Guy didn’t deserve to win the Mirror Ball but I was kind of hoping that he’d stick around for another week or two. I mean, there just aren’t enough videos like this in the world.