Breaking Bad Finale Inevitable

How Does Breaking Bad End? Perfectly [Mild Spoilers]

So last night we finally saw how Breaking Bad ends — after five masterfully done seasons, countless deaths, and even more eventual poetic justice.

While it’s early on gauging long-term sentiment on the Breaking Bad ending (I think it’s fair to say at this point, less than 12 hours after the dust settles on the last moments of the the epic AMC drama), public perception of the curtain close is trending toward “positive.”

Understatement? Fans of the show both in and outside the entertainment industry seem to have by and large decided that the many intricately wound, seemingly endlessly meaningful, and complex storylines and story details wove together into a final creation with no dropped stitches, abandoned plots, or other gimmicky tricks. (Quite a feat given the vast number of important pieces played on the board at some point during the show.)

Gretchen and Eliot played their parts. Badger and Skinny Pete too had some closure. Jesse wins. Walt wins. Flynn is handled. Even Marie, in her grief, gets a final sort of well-placed comeuppance. The show seemed, in all its machinations, to be reminding us of the tired old adage about how when man makes plans, God laughs.

(However, we do admit to being among the people who watched the Breaking Bad ending and really wanted to know what happened to Huell? What happened to Huell? Did he really get abandoned at the DEA safe house? Do we need a “find Huell Babineaux” Facebook page for this?)

Are you among the millions of fans who learned how Breaking Bad ends last night? Did you find that the resolution was fitting for a show that big, or did you have any complaints (besides Huell’s fate) regarding “Felina” and its conclusion?