'Breaking Bad' Finale: How Does It End For Walter White? [Spoilers]

‘Breaking Bad’ Finale: How Does It End For Walter White? [Spoilers]

Sunday’s Breaking Bad finale brought a conclusion to the saga of Walter White and his misguided quest to support his family through meth. Fans got to finally see if Walt would gain a bit of control as his world came crashing down around him.

Fans watched as the series raced toward an uncertain finish in recent weeks. They saw Walt relocated to a cabin in New Hampshire, his relationship with Walt Jr. in shambles and police close on his tail. Police surround Walt in his new location, but by then he’s already gone.

Jesse, meanwhile, was kidnapped by Todd and his fate uncertain.


The Breaking Bad finale, titled “Felina,” shows Walter White closing up loose ends. He visits Elliott and Gretchen Schwartz, leaving them the $9 million in cash he had in his trunk and telling them to set up a trust for his son.

Later in the episode, he goes to Todd’s uncle Jack’s meth lab, where he has rigged his car with a gun that automatically fires into the home. In the confusion that follows, Jesse — who was being held hostage in the meth lab — strangles Todd to death and frees himself. Walt picks up a gun and shoots a badly wounded Jack.

Walt then slides the gun to Jesse, telling him to kill him. Jesse picks up the gun, but drops it and tells Walt to do it himself. Just then Lydia calls, and Walt informs her that he slipped the ricin into her Stevia packet when he met her at a restaurant earlier in the episode. He says goodbye and walks out of the home with Jesse.

Jesse leaves the property, but Walt is too wounded and retreats to the meth lab. There he puts on a gas mask and, as police are closing in, dies there.

The final scene brought the show full circle. Breaking Bad started with Walter White turning to meth to support his family and ended with his death inside a meth lab.

For show creator Vince Gilligan, it was a fitting ending.

“It’s going to be emotionally exhausting for fans,” he said in an interview before “Felina” aired. “You’re going to know exactly what happens when it happens on this show. There’s really not going to be any ambiguity, shall we say. We’re swinging for the fences.”

Gilligan said he wanted the Breaking Bad finale to have a definite end point, unlike other shows that leave things up in the air.

“We feel it’s a satisfying ending,” he said. “Walt ends things more or less on his own terms.”

The Breaking Bad finale definitely showed Walter White leaving on his own terms, dying just before police could catch him.