PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 Promotion: One Every 15 Minutes At Taco Bell

PlayStation 4’s will be given away as part of a massive promotion by the fast food chain Taco Bell. The chain is getting together with the makers of the PlayStation, Sony Computer Entertainment, for a promotion that will run for six weeks.

The name of the promotion is “play the future first.” It was launched officially on September 26 and will run through November 10. The joint promotion includes marketing in many forms: Television, radio, social media and in-store marketing.

Chris Brandt, the chief marketing officer at Taco Bell said: “Our fans love gaming and with brands like Sony PlayStation, whose fans enjoy Taco Bell, we can help them Live Más — and play más — through great food and unique experiences.”

It’s quite common for large food chains to partner with the gaming industry ahead of a new console hitting the streets. Back in August Pepsico’s Doritos and Mountain Dew brands partnered to promote the new Xbox One.

The PS 4/Taco Bell promotion will include Taco Bell’s $5 Buck Boxes and Big Boxes. They will be branded with PlayStation 4 graphics and will have a code which customers text in for a chance to win the prize pack.

The prize pack is pretty impressive and includes the console itself, a game called Knack and a one year free membership to PlayStation 4 Plus. What’s even better is that Taco Bell will be giving away one of these prize packs at a rate of one every 15 minutes, making the chances of winning one that much better.

Over 4,000 PlayStation 4’s will be given away during the six-week marketing window, with revenue also being made by the clever corporates by charging a premium rate for the text message to see if you’ve won.

Guy Longworth, the senior VP for brand marketing at Sony said: “Following the positive response from the gaming community for the PS Vita campaign last year, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with Taco Bell to tap into the excitement as we prepare to launch PS4 on November 15.”

He continued to speak about the fact that both PlayStation and Taco Bell have some of “the most loyal fans in the world,” adding that the joint promotion offers customers an “extraordinary opportunity” for people to get a PlayStation 4 before it is released in stores.