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Candace Cameron Bure Gets Brother Kirk Cameron Worried

Candace Cameron Bure had her brother Kirk Cameron worried this week.

Why? Is Candace OK? Did she get hurt? Did she get arrested? Those questions must have been running through Kirk’s head yesterday when he saw his sister trending on Yahoo.

Kirk was a little worried when he saw that thousands of people were searching for his sister so he decided to call her up and make sure that she was OK.

Candace writes on Twitter: “How sweet my bro called me to make sure everything was OK when I was trending on Yahoo today!”

Are you surprised that Kirk Cameron was worried about his sister?

Candace Cameron Bure was trending yesterday because she had a little reunion with her former Full House cast mates. Of course, Kirk thought that it may have been something worse.

The Social News Daily notes that people frequently trend on Yahoo for getting arrested, for accidentally getting naked, or for dying (or fake dying). So it isn’t too surprising that the former Growing Pains actor was worried about his sister.

Candace was even a little worried. The actress writes on Twitter: “What?! Why in the world am I trending?”

Bure was able to use her sudden popularity to direct people to her website.

Are you a fan of Candace Cameron Bure? Would you be worried if you saw your name trending on Yahoo?