Did Justin Bieber Cross The Line Posting The Intervention Spoof Instagram Video?

Justin Bieber Slammed Over ‘Intervention’ Spoof Clip, Contrived Or Deserved? [Video]

Justin Bieber’s Internet ‘sweet spot’ may be a shortlived one. After recently impressing the blogosphere as a straight man cum whipping boy to Zach Galifianakis in the latest Between the Ferns installment, it seems some felt an urgent need to scroll through the pop star’s Instavids and find a new scandalette.

Last week the 19-year-old posted an Instavid of himself and another reenacting the “cry” moment when crack and alcohol addict Rocky Lockridge broke down during a rehab session in an old episode of A&E’s Intervention.

Justin doesn’t actually role play the iconic “cry” but repeats the part where a family member tells Rocky: “Because I know somewhere deep down in my heart I still love you.”

In Bieber’s video, his pal responds by mimicking Lockridge’s “cry.” At that point the singer’s video then cuts to a YouTube clip of the Intervention episode called “Best Cry Ever,” which showed the rehab session between addiction expert Candy Finnigan and Rocky.

Despite the fact that the Intervention “cry” clip went viral when it aired back in 2010 and became a YouTube joke, Finnigan has now come forward to single out the heartthrob for criticism. [Note: It’s likely she was contacted for a quote.]

“We can only pray that when, not if, Justin needs an intervention… that someone as loving as Rocky’s family will be there for him,” the addiction specialist told TMZ.

As a result, various polls have sprung up on different websites asking if the singer is out of line. At the time of press, Popdust’s poll saw Bieber’s spoof score a 63.77 percent “Hilarious!” rating compared to “Super Mean!”

Whether it’s just a slow news weekend, or whether there really is a real reluctance in some quarters to relinquish seeing the Canadian through a “bad boy” prism is debatable.

But considering Bieber appears to be fascinated by the actual sound of the “cry” and not so much the addiction context — he tweeted the Instavid link with the caption “Funniest cry… lol” — it does seem more than a little contrived to slam the teen star for making his own version of an already viral video.

Notably, the YouTube clip linked to in his Instagram video has been viewed almost 42 million times.

So, do you think Justin deserves to be raked over the coals for his Intervention spoof, or is this a lot of ado about nothing?

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[Image via AndPop]